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Gearing up for TMB

Today has been a quiet Monday, and rather exciting since we are gearing up for the next round of revealing more Tomb of the Lost Queen official content. Last week was big, because as you may have noticed, we launched our page, including the screen shots section here. Here in the office, many of the […]

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Weekend Puzzle #142 + TMB Page Live!

Guess what? The Tomb of the Lost Queen page is live! Check it out and also be sure to view the screenshots by scrolling down to the button “Screen Shots” for a look at the environments. Whoo-hoo!! On to your weekend madness. This week’s puzzle is really only for fun, but if you would like, […]

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Sneak Peek: TMB Icon!

I decided to do some sneaking around to find you something really cool from Tomb of the Lost Queen that you haven’t seen yet, so I went into stealth mode, tip-toed through the office, hacked into an artist’s computer and stole this Desktop Icon: Ok, so maybe I wasn’t so sneaky as mentioned (I asked […]

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Tomb of the Lost Queen Cover Art Revealed!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Because we have several fun things going on today, I will write up the Weekend Puzzle (contest this time!!) in another post, see above. First of all, we are having a sale on the digital download of The Haunting of Castle Malloy. Use promo code STPAT25OFF at checkout to purchase […]

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Merchandise Store + New UI!

Aaah! Awesome day today! Besides the craziness of the weather here (snow flurries for 15 minutes, then bright sunshine the next), we have had an amazing day. ^_^ Ok, perhaps the snow flurries can be counted as amazing, too. First off, we introduced to you a brand new UI (User Interface) on our Dare to […]

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Thoughts on TMB Beta

Wow, we are still “running” here and working on a lot of things. Luckily I was able to check off a few from last week’s list. Whoo-hoo! I would love to tell you all about my Beta pass (where several of us in the office play through the rough game build all the way, testing […]

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TMB Release Date Announced!

First off, if you have not yet solved the weekend puzzle (yet still want to all by yourself), here’s your hint: L-R and T-B mean [Left to right, top to bottom.] And the “ctr-clk” means [counter-clockwise]. I will post about the answer later. 🙂 Surprise!! We have just announced (well, a couple of hours ago) […]

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Images from Egypt

Could it just possibly be too early to talk about ND#26? Maybe so, but it is important that we do because at the moment we are holding a contest for it. If you haven’t checked out yesterday’s post, there are more details to be read. We have already begun receiving a few entries, like this […]

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Just like an Egyptian!

Hey guess what? We have a great new contest for you! For a chance to have your picture appear in our next game, Tomb of the Lost Queen, strike your best Egyptian pose! The background does not matter, just as long as we can see you clearly. Take a photo of yourself (or with a […]

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