Images from Egypt

Could it just possibly be too early to talk about ND#26? Maybe so, but it is important that we do because at the moment we are holding a contest for it. If you haven’t checked out yesterday’s post, there are more details to be read. We have already begun receiving a few entries, like this one below:

Fans have posted a few of their pictures up on our Facebook page as well, so keep checking back to see more, or post yours up, if you’d like!

The first bit of art for our latest game has been revealed for the sake of this contest, check it out:

How exciting is that? Ok, perhaps you were expecting something….different? More? Sorry, we are going very Egyptian and this was as much as we can show you…for now. 😉

Twitter Quote contest is a go! Head over for a chance to win a free digital download game!
~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the pic looks awesome.I think I should play Alibi in Ashes one more time before I even think about #26.Did I tel you I got my pic in #25??

    From me,

  2. That’s awesome! We loved all those cake entries! 🙂

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