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I visited the Her Interactive offices today. Just thought I’d visit them and thank them for sponsoring the next show. I showed my love by leaving everyone a few notes. Hopefully that will encourage them in the next few months to do more excellent work. Anyways, Little Jackalope left her computer on. Looks like an […]

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Computer Craziness

I can’t talk long, we are working on a few projects here and some involve large files, so if I have a few programs open and running these at the same time…it could freeze, or worse: crash. In a nutshell, we showed off The Silent Spy today to a visitor with a video camera, and […]

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Preparing for the Show

Here at the Her Interactive office we are busy at work with our New Zealand-located adventure. The artists are working hard on finishing up some important cinematics as well as some textures for the environments. Th production team is fixing the logic in game play as well as puzzles, and they have already begun heavy […]

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Flying Cow… From the Future

I thought a part of the preview for The Shattered Medallion had some fun art in it. For that reason alone, I thought it would be really cool to have that cow and alien in the merchandise store, especially on a t-shirt! I’m in the early stages of gathering this art. Once I have it […]

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The Little Spooks

We shared this classic Nancy Drew moment today: It’s another one of my favorites. When you hear the whisper “I seeeeeeee yooooooooou” on the staircase and when you look at just the right moment at the girl portrait on the wall…she blinks. This is perhaps one of the scariest moments playing a Nancy Drew game […]

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Pacific Run: New Zealand!

Check it out! We have released early art from The Shattered Medallion today in our merchandise store! The official TV show logo, Pacific Run: New Zealand is now ready to be designed on T-shirts, posters, mugs and more. I’m planning on getting something for myself, too, but I can’t decide on a silver water bottle […]

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Future Game & Past Game Art

Hooray for Mondays! Another week to do awesome things at Her Interactive has just begun. For me, this will be working on formatting this image below for the Merchandise store. (I’m almost done.)  I did get a little distracted hunting through old archive files. In which I found this awesome pencil sketch! Check it out, […]

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The Middle of MED

We have been working on The Shattered Medallion for a while now. The artists have a big deadline this Friday, an animator is animating the Artist and the Production team has already assembled some puzzles. We are testing these puzzles now. In fact, as I type, this very moment some people are testing a second […]

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A Cold Day for Recording

Today it got really cold outside at the office. While it hasn’t snowed yet, it was frosty, yet sunny and bright out. It was also an excellent day for a field trip to the recording studio! I got to sit in on Jennifer’s session for Bess Marvin. (So excited!) Although I forgot to take photos […]

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