Preparing for the Show

Here at the Her Interactive office we are busy at work with our New Zealand-located adventure. The artists are working hard on finishing up some important cinematics as well as some textures for the environments. Th production team is fixing the logic in game play as well as puzzles, and they have already begun heavy testing and writing up several bug reports (glitches and things). It’s rather quiet at my end, though. There isn’t much we have ready to announce or even show you because the team is still working on the game.

Artist’s Row. They are all quiet, working hard on the environments!

Today I snuck into the latest game build (we build out a game each day with the latest updates and fixes) to start playing. Of course, it crashed a few times when I was trying to solve a sheep puzzle. But that’s to be expected at this point. I at least know how to get back to the part of the game I was just at and start from there.

Anyways, I need to start compiling information about our game to start the ESRB process. I have just finished working on some new images for our merchandise store, so that should be up sometime this week. Stay tuned! I will show you the new images soon!

Twitter quote contest is happening today! Head over for a chance to win a digital guide!

~Little Jackalope~

2 responses to “Preparing for the Show”

  1. ND's #1 fan says:

    Ooo! You are so lucky, LJ! Getting to play the game before it’s even done! 🙂 Oh, I also know who said the quote. It’s from my most favorite game! 🙂 (I don’t have a twitter account, but just 4 fun I’ll say it on here) It’s Colin from VEN, right after he shows you a BILLION tessarea slides! When I played for the very first time, I figured he would stop showing the slides eventually. It wasn’t until almost 5 minutes later when I figured out that you had to say “I think I’ve seen enough.” to get him to stop! LOL (^_^)

  2. AppDude27 says:

    At my college, we have something called Global Game Jam, where student developers only have 48 hours to make a pre-chosen themed video game. After experiencing that, I can’t even imagine what being on a professional video game development team would be like, Nancy Drew no less. From dealing with team disputes, to game play bugs between programmers, I can easily imagine how much stress and time goes into making a Nancy Drew game. Thanks, HeR and Little Jackalope for the awesome posts! I can’t wait for MED!

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