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Announcement: Store Updated!

Before I forget: Twitter Quote Contest is going on right now, and the prize is a Koko Kringle candy bar! (My favorite kind of prize). Head over to see if you know who said the famous quote! Also, if you have a Facebook account, head over and post a creative caption to the photo of […]

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Easter Egg in Alibi in Ashes

So it has been discovered! Weekend puzzles #132, #133, #134, and #135 have all hinted at the mysterious third Easter Egg hidden in Alibi in Ashes. Here’s what the weekend puzzle answers/hints meant: *WARNING: major spoilers in spoiler code below, proceed at your own risk!Weekend Puzzle #132 answer: [A fun Easter Egg Pic in ASH] […]

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Identities Revealed!

…well, sort of.The first identity revealed is the Easter Egg discovered by figuring out this past weekend’s puzzle! I was closely following your progress on this one, including your brain-storming of the past puzzle hints that were, let’s say, rather vague. First things first: Weekend puzzle #135Here’s how you solve it, the tough part is […]

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Weekend Puzzle #135

Hooray for Friday! And so we continue trying to discover the Easter Egg hiding in Alibi in Ashes…here’s another hint. Click the image for a larger view: *Reminder: This puzzle is only for a little weekend fun, you do not need to submit your answer, but if you like, you may discuss it on our […]

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Playing Reporter

The other day after I took a few snapshots of the awards on our wall, I walked past Megan’s office, which was open, and caught her in the act of *gasp* multi-tasking! So I played paparazzi and snapped her photo. Notice the awesome Nancy Drew-style hat on her table. What do you think she’s saying […]

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Interview with Sales Director Melissa

We interviewed our Sales Director, Melissa! Read what she has to say when we put her in the spotlight: Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive? I’ve been here for a year and a half now!   Her Interactive: What do you do as Sales Director? I get to work with all […]

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Snowed In 2012

So if you haven’t noticed the gap in posts this week, here’s the explanation for Monday’s absence: we had snow!! Yep, over here in Washington state, when it snows, it can be a terrible mess! Since there are a lot of hills, a little ice can mean a lot of danger if we aren’t careful. […]

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Weekend Puzzle #133

Happy Friday everyone! (Guess what the date is today. Hope no one is too superstitious!) Here’s the weekend puzzle for today, this one is just for fun, but it does have to do with finding an Easter Egg in Alibi in Ashes: LECU RNOCVEUDR TINELS RTIPECU STRERO NTONICNE HUTRT VRALWYE IBALI OPSNO CETRSE XTE SUDEOTI […]

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On Today’s Schedule…

First off, we posted an awesome interview with our long-term Art Director, Kyle, on the Dare to Play Blog this morning. If you are interested in learning more about the creative people who work here and creatively contribute to the making of the games, I highly suggest checking it out. A few of us had […]

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Middle of ND26

There is a lot going on here, but any random visitor wouldn’t notice if they walked into our office, because everyone is really quite. (Except for me, when during lunch I shoot off my toy bow and arrow at the window with a colored-on target). The artists are cranking away at a big deadline this […]

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