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Actress Cast As Nancy Drew

Have you heard the news? CBS has cast Sarah Shahi as Nancy Drew in the upcoming TV show “Drew.” What do you think? Here’s the full article. Also, it was announced that Vanessa Ferlito will play George Fayne! That article is here.   As for the weekend puzzle, it was braille. Translated it says [If […]

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TV Show: Carson Drew is Cast

Today’s big news to follow is that Anthony Edwards has been cast as Carson Drew, Nancy’s dad, in the upcoming TV series by CBS. Check out the full article here. What are your thoughts on this actor playing the role of Nancy’s dad? Do you think he’s a good fit?   We have a birthday […]

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Throwback, News, and a Medley

There’s a lot of Nancy Drew things to share today! First is the Throwback Thursday. (You can get The Haunting of Castle Malloy digital download for 50% off using promo code HAU50 at checkout, today only.) Next, our work-in-progress game app Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues was featured in a Digital Kids Con. in New […]

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Friday Chat: Nancy Drew TV Show

Hey all! I just thought to stop by again and write another post since I missed two days this week from being out. In case you missed the latest Nancy Drew news, here’s the scoop: CBS is making a new Nancy Drew tv series! Read the full article at Hollywood Reporter here. So here are […]

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Telegrams From Nancy

Do you remember the answer to this Trivia Tuesday question? I remember first playing Secret of the Old Clock and I kept delivering telegrams because it never ended. I thought to myself “how long does this chore go on for?” before realizing I only needed to deliver enough to earn the amount of money I […]

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99 Problems…

Happy Friday! (I was out sick yesterday, so no Thursday post.) In case you missed it, Geek Wire wrote an article about Codes & Clues with an interview with Penny here! Since I don’t have a weekend puzzle for you today, I hope you will equally enjoy this meme from Ghost of Thornton Hall…even though […]

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App News!

Hey all! Looks like you solved the weekend puzzle (tricky one, eh? *cue genius laughter*). The solution is [New updates to come next week] which refers to today! Here’s the news: Read the full letter here! Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and come back this week for more info. 😉 -Little Jackalope

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Nancy Drew Drama Series + Fan Video!

In today’s news, we continue on the wave of excitement and skepticism for the new proposed Nancy Drew drama on CBS: And check out this fan’s awesome flash video work featuring the Nancy Drew books! Nice work, Taylor! -Little Jackalope

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August Letter to the Fans

Hey all! We have an announcement for you! Check out the August Letter to the Fans here. What do you think? Although I am anxious like everyone else to play the next Nancy Drew game, I am extra excited for it to be on a much better engine so that it looks better, has more […]

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The Shattered Medallion Page is LIVE!

Hooray! We launched The Shattered Medallion product page on our web site! Be sure to check out the screenshots, too. 😉 Also, save the date for our official trailer to be launched on Tuesday! ~Little Jackalope~

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