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The buzz continues about the TV show, “Drew,” not being picked up by CBS. The A.V. Club posted an informative article on the subject of the networks’ process for building a show and what this looks like for “Drew.” Read the full article on their site here.


Picture of actress Sarah Shahi from the show “Person of Interest.”

Another great article “Nancy Drew ‘Too Female’ for TV” was written by The Daily here, and they mentioned the Nancy Drew games! Whoohoo!



On an exciting note, Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues was featured in iTunes! Whoohoo!


-Little Jackalope

9 responses to “TV Show & Featured Section”

  1. Amy Christine says:

    That’s so awesome about Codes and Clues! I’m just curious: Can you post the lyrics to the theme song when you opened the app? I have a hearing loss and couldn’t catch all the words and it would be fun to sing along! I love dancing to the music!

    Oh and if you can, maybe post who voiced Nancy, Bess, George and other characters in C&C?

    Also, I really would love to see a successful Nancy Drew TV series…Maybe there could be live action version of the Nancy Drew games!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Amy! I’m not really sure who the voice actresses are, but we might have a promo video somewhere that shows the voice of Nancy for the app… I will have to find it. Perhaps I can track down the lyrics for you, stay tuned!

  2. Andrea says:

    Hey little Jackalope!!!
    I was wondering now that Codes and Clues has been released will you all be starting to progress with Midnight In SalemToday it has been a whole year without a new Nact Drew Game and I’m sooooo ready for another one

  3. Corinne says:

    You know where this show would be great? NETFLIX!!!
    Hopefully CBS doesn’t “own” the show in some way because we REALLY hope to see you soon Nancy! CBS can go suck an egg.

  4. Hannah says:

    I just received my Koko Kringles, thank you so much LJ!

  5. Secrets of a Girl Sleuth says:

    Hey, Little Jackalope, just you all know… CBS was never quoted to saying ANYTHING about it being “too female”. That was a rumour, with no backing whatsoever.
    They decided not to go forward with “Drew”, because 1) the pilot was not well-written, and 2) it was too far from source material.

    I was not very excited about “Drew”, as it didn’t look like they were going to stay true to the spirit of Nancy Drew at all. But even I was furious when I heard about the cancellation this morning, and how CBS had said it was “too female”. But I did a little more sleuthing, and found out that it was totally untrue.

    Here’s an article from the Nancy Drew Sleuths website, and she has backing on all of her points, and posts links to other reviewers who have seen the pilot, who said it was very poorly done.

    It’s a long article, but well worth the read. She gives a 15 point list of the drastic changes from Nancy Drew canon – and after reading all of them, I am so, so very glad that CBS decided not to go forward with this. This wasn’t going to be Nancy. This wasn’t her at all.

    ~ SGS

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