Ned Nickerson is cast!

Today’s news is that Steve Kazee has been cast as Ned Nickerson in the CBS TV show airing this fall. In the news, he is described as “an investigative reporter for the New York Times and Nancy’s former boyfriend.” You can read the short article here.


Thoughts? Will he make a good Ned? What strikes me is the “former boyfriend” part. I’m curious! Why are they not dating now? Did something happen? We shall see….!

Also, we started Nancy Drew Madness again this year! The last two years we held this on Facebook, so to be fair, we are doing it on Twitter this year. Check out the brackets here on our site where you can also print out a copy and fill the sheet out yourself.


Also, congrats to our Nancy Drew Moment Contest winner! (I will say… it was REALLY hard to narrow down the votes to a single winner. There were soooo many great entries!)


-Little Jackalope

6 responses to “Ned Nickerson is cast!”

  1. That is so frustrating that they made Ned Nancy’s “former boyfriend”! He’s always been her boyfriend, I wonder why they think they would break up? I hope they don’t make a whole drama thing out of it by having Nancy fall in love with someone else!

  2. EJ says:

    So far what I see of the actors is that they are so different of what I think they should look like. I guess my idea of a great Nancy Drew TV show would be in black and white with 50s, 60s styles. And Nancy and Ned aren’t together? What!

  3. Amber says:

    Nancy and Ned broke up in the On Campus series. It also aged Nancy up to send her to college. I hope the new TV show isn’t based on the On Campus version of Nancy, I hated them.

  4. Audrey Robertson says:

    Don’t you think its kind of unfair that the winning Nancy Drew moment is a photo shop? There were sooooo many real moments….. 🙁

  5. Kate says:

    Former boyfriend? Well, they’ve just lost me as a viewer now. I was willing to give this show a shot but after all the changes they’ve made to the original story and the leaps they’ve taken with the characters I’m done with this before it’s even started. I’ll stick to the books and the games where Nancy and Ned are a couple.

  6. sac says:

    Are they going to have Bess in this show? I saw they cast George but no word at all Ianthe other bff Bess. Anyone heard anything.

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