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Weekend Puzzle #230

Howdy all! I have a few things to point out today, and some are just reminders.First, we have a sale going on for The Deadly Device this weekend! Also, we will still be posting more game duels for Nancy Drew Madness on our Facebook page over the weekend, so check back every day to participate. […]

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Classics vs. New Titles

Have you been following our Nancy Drew Madness this week? You can see which games will be coming up in the brackets on the chart. Notice how, roughly speaking, the old classic games are dueling with newer titles? From my perspective, I can predict winners on some duels easily, and others I await the results. […]

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Nancy Drew Madness!

This month, we want to know what you think is the best all-time Nancy Drew game. Each day, we will present to you one of the game duels shown in the brackets below on Facebook. Once the picture is posted, cast your vote! To choose which game you think is better, follow the instructions on […]

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