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Speaking of Trailers…

Yesterday I briefly mentioned that we were beginning to work on The Deadly Device official trailer. Unfortunately for you, I have no updates since we are still in the early process. But! The talk of trailers sent me over to YouTube to take a look at what we have done in the past. We have […]

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More Eggs = Fan Art!

One of our fans, Isabel sent in some great pictures of her work over the course of this year. She’s been hollowing out eggs and decorating them, one just like the egg in Alibi in Ashes, the other from my silly Sonny Joon drawing a while back. And her egg looks far better than mine, […]

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A Weekend of Big Fun!

Ok, so perhaps that title isn’t very creative, but it hits my point on the bull’s eye! This weekend we have a lot of exciting things going on, it’s a wonder that I didn’t burst and tell you earlier. But now I can! Let me list them off like a checklist so I don’t forget […]

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Scrapbook and Collages

In many of the Nancy Drew games (#14-25) you can view Nancy Drew’s scrapbook of all her past cases. She has a collection of memorabilia, quotes, stickers, photos, and more on each page spread documenting her adventures and memories. Besides her scrapbook, Nancy also journals, as you can read in the games. She takes good […]

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Creative People (and Fans!)

Update: Nothing to report on the Egg Mystery. 🙁 I wish I had more clues to go off of… Today I wanted to focus on some creative people. First: Happy sweet 16th birthday Sarah!! I hope you had a great one! Sorry, but I ate your Koko Kringle Kupcake over here… One of our former […]

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CEO 4 A Day! (Winner)

Today, our CEO-4-A-Day contest winner arrived to claim her throne: ~Shari in the president’s chair~ This morning the Her Interactive team went outside for our CEO’s arrival and greeted her as she and her family stepped out of their town car. When we re-entered the office, it was bagel breakfast and coffee in the big […]

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Winners, Prizes, and fans!

The Caption Contest winner on our Facebook page has been announced! Congrats to Julia Manns! Here’s what Julia wrote: “Ellen: You may want to check your grammar again.Nik: Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fine, no one will notice.Ellen: Come on, Nik! Being groovy is no excuse for abandoning basic grammar.” Aaaaand, *insert drum roll here* […]

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Rachel — Rest in Peace

Today’s news: “Her Interactive has lost a huge Nancy Drew fan in Rachel Vaughn. Today, Rachel passed away at 17 due to Kidney Cancer. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, we were able to meet Rachel and make some of her wishes come true. Tomb of the Lost Queen will be dedicated to Rachel and you will […]

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Visiting Birthday Fan!

Today we had a fan, Ellen, visit us today! She was given the grand tour, which included meeting everyone in the office, learning about design, art, testing, writing, marketing, and just about everything we could share with her. To make it an even special day, she was celebrating her birthday, so of course we had […]

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Big Video Fans!

Last week some amazing fans of the Nancy Drew games posted a fun video trailer of Alibi in Ashes onto their YouTube Channel. We loved what they created and wanted to share it with you, so we interviewed them to get the inside scoop! Check out their interview below: ~~~ Her Interactive: Where are you […]

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