The New Nancy Drew Books

The latest Nancy Drew Diaries book #6 is now available on our site! Secret at Mystic Lake looks really cool, I think.


Have you read these new books by Simon & Schuster? I know Arglefumph has been reviewing them. I personally, have only read 1-3 so far, so I’m a bit behind. ๐Ÿ™
We do have all the paperback books available for purchase as well in case you would like to add to your collection.

Speaking of Arglefumph, he’s working on The Shattered Medallion blind play-through right now. If you don’t want to spoil the game play experience, don’t watch it. But later, once you have finished, check out his videos. Especially #s 16-21 on his YouTube playlist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have a birthday!


-Little Jackalope

22 responses to “The New Nancy Drew Books”

  1. Emily in Wisconsin says:

    Arglefumph always puts me in a good mood! Its SO tempting to watch his videos for MED. But I can’t because I don’t want to be spoiled

  2. Janice says:

    I just finished playing the shattered medallion I enjoyed it. put when I saw the preview for the next game I could not believe my eyes you guys have really gone off the deep end by make the game dark and gloomy with rituals and super natural stuff which is not meant for kids. I thought your games where for people ten and older. and not to scare the kids I don’t like games that have super natural stuff or rituals there down right stupid we don’t need thous things in games to have fun. you gone away from what Nancy drew is she likes to help people who need help whether it to find a lost item or to figure out a noise they heard not going to satin domain you guys need to get your head out of the sewers before you ruin Nancy Drew for good like you did her mother in the silent spy I can’t play that game without my stomach turning you destroyed Nancy mother by making her a spy she was a happy loving housewife who loved her husband and daughter. I also think you new web page format stinks its to much like Facebook!! and i hate Facebook. sorry for venting like that but i need to get it off my chest.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Janice!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, we do listen to our fans and take their opinions into consideration for future games. ๐Ÿ™‚ We do have dark and gloomy games already in our collection (such as Curse of Blackmoor Manor or Legend of the Crystal Skull, and even Ghost of Thornton Hall). The “10 and older” rating follows ESRB’s guidelines, which surprisingly, they do not factor in “scariness” levels. (Strange, right?) Many of the original Nancy Drew books have dark themes: some spiritual, some weird and mystical. Some examples include The Bluebeard Room, The Thirteenth Pearl, and Secret at Red Gate Farm. We do draw inspiration from the books to form each game we make, and that’s a part of why we do this.

      The great thing about all the Nancy Drew games is that there is a logical explanation, no matter how deep and dark the subject gets. We are looking forward to the next game, which touches on actual Greek mythology, something that is really taught in our world and is not a fiction of Nancy’s universe. (Have you read some Greek mythology? It’s pretty intense!)

      Some fans prefer the darker games, while others appreciate the lighter, more adventurous games, so we try to mix it up to satisfy both types of fans. (I’m glad you enjoyed The Shattered Medallion!) ๐Ÿ˜€
      You are correct, Nancy Drew does help people, just like in the books Quest of the Missing Map and Sign of the Twisted Candles, as well as the games Secret of the Old Clock and The Haunting of Castle Malloy.

      A new feature about our web site: we now allow for customer reviews on each game page. I recommend sharing your reviews on each game you have played, so that everyone may see your perspective. Check it out!

    • Firestone2430 says:

      Wow! You really spoke your mind. I agree. Back then Nancy Drew never was this way. Many players that I know are Christians, and when they find out about it…no more Nancy Drew. Back then they thought that Curse of Blackmoor Manor was bad and Legend of the Crystal Skull was down in hot water. I haven’t even played, The Shattered Medallion, so I haven’t seen ND #31. But from this post. I dont even know if I’ll even play anymore. I thought that Legend of the Crystal Skull was bad enough. But if Her Interactive is going to put Satanic junk in their games, then you’ve lost, let’s see…1..2…30 or more game players because of this. Do you have to go with the world and produce this stuff to please the crowd. I mean its bad enough that its depressing and dark but if they involve even lower stuff, I know that in the books that there is different places and settings that involved this dark stuff, And I know that there is a reasonable explaination for everything. But Message in the Haunted Mansion didn’t have this in it. A person I talked recently had this game where you are Sweeny Todd and in it was creepy stuff, and she wouldn’t let anyone see the cover let alone the game and one person said she would never play that game and another said, well, ain’t that how some Nancy Drew games are today. I couldn’t say No. I probably made you all mad, but please keep games clean and fun and less cryptic and dark and Satanic. Or I cannot play these. I just cant. Your games are fun because there clean and have no vulgarity to them like other games but if this post is true, how can I play them if it has all this. Some of the Nancy Drew are incredibly fun, and others are so creepy and right down scary and i don’t me the AHHHH! Scary. I mean the Demonic scary. Gargoyles and curses and ghosts. Please dont head that way like the rest of the game creators have. I’ll keep playing but when it comes to this, i just cant.

      • Sheesh4 says:

        Woah. Well, I really don’t understand how gargoyles are demonic… They’re just sculptures.

        I haven’t played MED yet, so I don’t know why everyone is so riled up about the next game, other than that it is supposedly ‘Satanic.’

        It is JUST a game (caps meant for italics/emphasis, not yelling). It’s not like HeR is trying to force religious values on you.

        Then again, as I’ve mentioned, I don’t know what game #31 is.. I’ve heard it’s related to Greek mythology? IDK? Only thing I can think of is Dante’s Divine Comedy, but that’s more Roman than Greek..

        P.S. This is not meant to offend anyone. But I feel that you might be overreacting a little.

        • Firestone2430 says:

          I did pretty much fly off the handle, didnt I? Maybe it’ll be a good game. I need to keep my opinions to myself. I apologize.

          • Firestone2430 says:

            I would like to say Im sorry for what I said. I’ve made a lot I people angry. But Hades is part of the underworld and they may not mention Satan or anything about rituals and ceremonies, etc. All I’m saying is that it shouldn’t be made for kids. It is a touchy subject and im sorry for what i said. Previous Nancy Drew have never went to below. So thats why I agreed with what Janice had to say. I dont want to make people mad so, ir was comentarios anymore. It was great being able to write and hear what people are saying and reading the blog with LJ. She’s an inspiration. Adios.

        • firestone2430 says:

          After hearing what everyone had to say, I will admit that I should have respected what other people were saying and what was said. This is a touchy button as some have said and I know that it is Greek mythology and that “Satan” wasn’t mentioned at all in the trailer. I would like to apologize and say that I am sorry for the way I have insulted some of you. I need to keep my opinions to myself. There is some of you that are angry and some have said that I thought I was better than everyone else. That isn’t true. It has been fun gettting to be able to comment and read all of Little Jackalope’s blog. But I have caused trouble on here and I would like if everyone would forgive me. You won’t hear of me again. Farewell.

          • Little Jackalope says:

            Thanks again for sharing firestone2430. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you would like to further discuss the next game, may I suggest the “Game Rumors” forum on the message boards? That’s the best place to visit with other fans to chat about the next game. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Emma says:

        Are you actually kidding me right now how is hearing mythical stories going to negatively affect you? I mean do you think everyone who’s ever heard a myth is a terrible person and less than you or something? Wow just wow

        • Firestone2430 says:

          Sorry Emma for making you upset. It just that what Janice said mad since. Little kids dont need to know about all this. I apologize and it was great hearing and reading LJs blog. You don’t have to read my comments anymore.I’ve made a lot of people angry so I won’t write if people dont want me to.

      • Tiago Paolini says:

        I am going to have to agree with you here. The teaser of ND#31 didn’t really got be thrilled. But there is too little of information there to really tell what the story is about, but the scene they choose for the teaser wasn’t exactly the best one… But I am going to wait for the official trailer and game description in order to decide whether I want to play it or not.

        On a side note I really doubt that they would go to the route of having satanic rituals. The games seem to avoid to touch even the most lighthearted religious subjects (which I do not think it is a bad thing since this is a hot button subject), so this is why think they will not go with these kind of rituals.

        An example of how the games avoid religious subjects. While playing the Shattered Medallion pay close attention to the choices of words on Patrick’s dialogues. His parents seems to be from some Buddhist order, though their faith is never specifically named (the “faith” itself and other religious words are also avoided).

        On this specific case I think that the developers went a bit too far. I fail to see what is the problem of just stating the religious views of someone, it is not like they are being insulted for their views or something. But it is still shows that Her Interactive is careful when dealing with religious subjects. Also the words of Nancy to Sonny (after the final puzzle was solved) were respectful to his beliefs (though I am not sure if Sonny’s beliefs qualify as religious or not).

        Woah! My post ended up being longer than I expected, but it is not every day that one sees this type of analysis of the game, so it is better to be detailed ;).

      • Sheesh4 says:

        Just watched the trailer.. It’d the underworld. There are no references to Satan. Hades is the god of the underworld. And, considering what I’ve seen of the plot, it will have nothing to do with Satan. Sounds to me like the Greek labyrinth.

  3. Abby says:

    I read the first book Artic Star, or whatever it was called. It was cool. You don’t suspect the ones who did it at all, which is cool.

  4. Firestone2430 says:

    I haven’t read any of them yet. I am and oldie when it comes to reading Nancy Drew books. I like the classic yellow hardback books. I also have a lot of the Hardy Boys classic hardback books, too. I do like some of the case files that have came after the classic ones. Same with the Hardy Boys as well. When i was still in school (Im old) I would take a book with me all the time, but, now since I’m out i haven’t read probably 20 books since I’ve been out. Anyway, i also like the Bobbsy Twins and Trixie Beldon. Since the theme is about books. My favorite book series is probably, the acclaimed O”malley series by Dee Henderson. You have to check into it. And my second favorite is the Left Behind series. But lately i haven’t really read books in a while.

  5. NancyDrewjr. says:

    When will MED come out on the app store for iMac computers?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      MED is available now for the Mac on our site! Or you can wait until May 20th when it is released to retail stores and the Mac app store. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. SpyGirl says:

    I have read the first three Diaries, and I really enjoyed the first two Curse of the Arctic Star and Strangers on a train. They had very good plots, which I think are comparable to the original Nancy Drew books. (Although the original and revised ND books are my favorites)
    I’ll have to see the new review area on each game’s page!

  7. Jen says:

    Hi LJ! Can I request a birthday shout out to for my sister
    Charlotte her birthday is tomorrow.
    (if you can believe it her favorite game is GTH lol)

  8. Nan says:

    hope my comment wasn’t too long.

  9. susan says:

    I just got the new one, number 8, was pretty good, can’t wait for the next one, whenever that is

    I have been reading them since I was 11-12…and I’m about to turn 50..yikes..

    that and I also can’t wait for the next hardy boys.


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