Finding Forgeries

I often practice my real-life sleuthing skills when I go book hunting for my own personal Nancy Drew books. I definitely have found great finds, but there are some books that I would not pay too much money for. Here I will show you an example of a partially-fake book.

NancyDrew_FakeBook_Cover (1)

This is a Nancy Drew cameo book (The Scarlet Slipper Mystery). It was part of a 12-book collection for the “Nancy Drew Readers’ Club” back from 1959-1960 and are referred to as the Cameo books because of the Nancy Drew head surrounded by the frame and ribbon on the book spine. They have different illustrated cover sleeves and are harder to find. I hope to collect them all someday!

(This cover art is featured as a puzzle in Secrets Can Kill Remastered in Aunt Eloise’s safe.)

NancyDrew_FakeBook_Cover (4)

This book is real, but the slip cover is not original. Check this out:

When I open the book, I see the fold of the slip cover on each end. If you look closely, the description of the story is printed on the inside flaps, but on the right side of the book, the words are cut off. The paper is not a glossy, high-quality print job like you would expect from a publisher. This book had been wrapped by a computer print-out from a fan who made it themselves, but the printer cut off the words. This slip cover is not authentic. But I keep this book anyways until I can find a real copy. 🙂

Did you know there are also fake copies of our games out there? o.O

I found a picture of a fake Sea of Darkness game! Can you tell what makes this fake?


Here’s the answer: the actual physical copies of our game (once you pick it up in stores or is purchased directly from us on our site) ALL have a “sticker” on the front box artwork. If you get the game from us during the pre-order period, the sticker says “BONUS EDITION.” But if you get the game from us now, or pick it up in the store, the sticker will say “Important Message Inside.” Those are the real Nancy Drew games. I truly wouldn’t trust a game copy that looks different. (Unless it is just our backup disc which is only a disc and a sleeve when you add it to your order.)

So there’s your real-life Nancy Drew skill to practice! Be on the lookout for clues that could mean your book or game is a fake, or might not be trustworthy!

-Little Jackalope


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