Nancy Drew is 92!

Happy April 28th Sleuths!

Today is a VERY important day as it is the birthday of the one and only sleuthing queen herself, miss Nancy Drew! 92 years of mysteries, snooping, and more! We are so happy to be able to celebrate today with you all and wanted to share our favorite memories and share stories about our favorite girl detective.

Roo pictured at age 5 vs today as a HeR Interactive intern

Happy Birthday Nancy Drew! I still remember playing one of your games for the first time like it was yesterday. I was probably 5 or 6 years old when I got “Message in a Haunted Mansion” and “The Haunted Carousel” for Christmas. Little did I know these two games would change my life forever! 

Thank you for all the fun memories playing your games, giving me all the reading points in class from all your fantastic books (Did anyone else do AR points and get to have a pizza party if they had enough by the end of the year?!) and most importantly, THANK YOU for inspiring me to fulfill my passions in game design and giving me this incredible opportunity working for the company that makes the games based on, well, YOU! It seriously still feels like a dream to think my favorite childhood games turned into a career that I LOVE. 

I cannot WAIT to see what your future birthdays have in store and I hope you continue to inspire young sleuths out there all over the world as you did to little ole’ me. 🙂

— Roo


Indy as Professor Hotchkiss during a 2016 Q&A

Happy Birthday old gal! You gave me happy childhood memories, a job not once, but twice, and I cannot wait for what else is in store. 93 years looks great on you. I have such happy memories playing the games with my childhood best friend and her sister. The books have given me a life long connection to my grandmother. Even after she passed I am still finding books in the basement with her name written in the pages by her childhood hand. The connections Nancy provides from generation to generation is the kind that stands the test of time. I cannot wait until she turns 100! The second I touch the pages of a yellow back book or hear theme opening theme from the games I feel as if I am catching up with an old friend. 

The thing I love best about Nancy is she fully embraces who she is. She celebrates her friends for who they are. She is her unapologetic self every day in every mystery. I distinctly remember a moment in my life where I just decided “who cares, might as well be myself!” and started sharing my love of Nancy to the world. Once I did that, only beautiful things have come from it! 🙂

— Indy

Brighella with some Nancy Drew items including Clues for Real Life!

Wow, Nancy Drew is another year older, and now she’s 92 going on 93! We’re just a few years away from 100. I wonder what kind of celebration we’ll have for then? 🤔

She’s inspired so many books, games, and entertainment media over the decades. Her journeys with the help of Ned, Bess & George, and the Hardy Boys have reached countless children and adults. And she’s inspired our games which have trained fans like me and you for decades to be curious, confident, and inquisitive!

Nancy’s legacy has been different to everyone with her historical influence over these 92 years! This really comes into perspective when reading our recent HeR News article by Nancy Drew historian, Jenn Fisher! You can dive deep into the Nancy archives on her website. Well happy birthday, Nancy! As a perpetual teen-detective we may never have a real birthday party for you, but we can celebrate just the same!

— Brighella

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  1. Laurie says:

    Happy Birthday Nancy Drew!!!


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