Gift Shop Item: Mug

Check it out! If you have played Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness, and seen the items in the gift shop by Soren, then you’ll probably recognize this mug:


This same mug is available in our merchandise store! All you need to do is pick the mug, then look through the Sea of Darkness image library and select this design.

Looks like a few of you successfully solved the weekend puzzle. Congrats! Here’s the answer:


-Little Jackalope


2 responses to “Gift Shop Item: Mug”

  1. Makayla says:

    So cool! You should start selling the other mug and the teddy bear too (plus all of the chocolate). Sure it might not be reasonable, but I think you would definitely make a profit. I can say from experience that Koko Kringles are quite delicious.

  2. Kevin says:

    aw i wish i could buy those!! but USA/CANADA only 🙁 well

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