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Bad Cake

It’s Throwback Thursday, the day we remember random good times and silly moments from the past…! Do you remember the first time you baked a cake for Loulou in Curse of Blackmoor Manor? I do! Actually… I better remember my villainous ways: baking a poisonous cake intentionally to see what would happen to the poor […]

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Nancy in the Cold

Nancy Drew has been to many places during the winter time. One of the great dangers that she faces in solving a case with snow around is the freezing temperatures and ice. Us detectives know this too well if we have played Treasure in the Royal Tower where there is a blizzard that traps everyone […]

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LIE Art Trivia

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday because our office lost power! No worries, the power is back, now. Check this out! We are working on getting this image of the fire room from Labyrinth of Lies into the merchandise store, and I noticed something hidden here: There is a boulder face in the lower […]

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Holiday Cookie Contest! (And Weekend Puzzle #259)

Look at what mischief we’ve been getting ready for! Learn more about the contest on our Contest Page here. To enter, post your creative cookie design to our Facebook page with the hashtag #NancyDrewCookies. Be sure to look carefully at the grand prize list. 😉 Aaaaaand here’s your weekend puzzle! •- // ••-•/•-/-• // •••-/—/••/-•-•/• […]

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Office Adventures: Fish and Chocolate

Today a few of the lady artists and I took a short drive to the nearby food truck for lunch and tried something new: bean fish. This is apparently a Japanese treat. I think it was pancake or waffle batter cooked into the shape of a fish, made into a sandwich. The bacon, cheese and […]

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List Checking

Since playing Nancy Drew games, I have personally become really good at taking notes, and making lists. Check lists, to-do lists, task lists, however you name it! I am a pro now. Lists are awesome. I love them! They help me keep my mind focused on the things that need to be done so that […]

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Free Shipping and Merch Sales!

We have a few announcements to share with you: The first this that we are offering free shipping for the U.S Domestic option this month. I highly recommend ordering the physical games early so that it will arrive in time for Christmas. 😉 The next announcement is that we have a sale on all our […]

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Nancy Drew in December

Did you have a great Thanksgiving weekend, everyone? The Her Interactive team sure did! We had a nice long weekend to spend time with our friends and family, and now we are back in the office to start off the month of December. Whoo-hoo! First things first: we still have a few hours left (today) […]

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