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Popular Kid on the Block

Her Interactive received a little more attention this last week when we had a vlogger (and now TV show guy) highlighted our latest game, The Silent Spy. Check it out here as I show him around the game! As for the weekend puzzle, it looks like I can’t read my own handwriting. My “a”s look […]

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Weekend Puzzle #227

It’s a beautiful day here at Her Interactive. The sky is blue, the sun is out, it’s freezing cold, and the geese are ice skating on the slough. During lunch today we played board games, as we often do on Fridays. When we get back to our desks, we are busy working on art and […]

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The Season for Rumors

Howdy all! Yesterday was a vacation day for me. We are right in between game launches, so there aren’t very many new things to share about the latest game…yet. There are game launch seasons, holiday seasons, and summertime, but then here at Her Interactive I also like add the “quiet” season. It’s really the season […]

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Adventure Games

Every once in a while, to mix things up, we make an “adventure” game. Some of our “adventure games” would include Ransom of the Seven Ships, Danger on Deception Island, and Trail of the Twister. Of course, we also create scary games, and historical or international games, but many games can fit into numerous categories. […]

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Computer Hack

So I found this today… I don’t know if I should be mad or thrilled that a certain someone whom I am a HUGE fan of hacked into my computer and took over my work. I suppose I should be more worried about him leaking information that he *could* have found opened on my computer… […]

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