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Day Six for Pre-Orders

The pre-orders continue for GTH! Sounds like several of you solved the GTH weekend puzzle, some of you only mad it half-way, and a few were thinking there was supposed to be more to it… *insert evil grin*. Here’s what you do to solve it: First identify all of the missing letters (if you need […]

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Weekend Puzzle #193…and a Marathon!

Day four of Ghost of Thornton Hall pre-orders! From what I’ve been hearing/reading lately is that some of you are doing game marathons before GTH becomes available, this is awesome! However it’s a little late to attempt to play 27 games before May 7th, it might be more doable to play all the “scary” games […]

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Day Three: GTH Pre-Orders

Well here’s an interesting office story for you that happened 15 minutes ago: The doors to the office were open when I decided to go downstairs for a couple minutes. When I came back up, the doors, of course were LOCKED! After 5 minutes of futile attempts to knock and rattle the door in hopes […]

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Day Two of GTH Pre-Orders

Hooray! It’s day two of pre-orders for Ghost of Thornton Hall! There was too much excitement yesterday in the office to express everything that happened, so today I’ll share this with you: yesterday we received our print proofs for the boxed game art! Check it out! We posted it on the wall for the entire […]

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Pre-Order Ghost of Thornton Hall!

Whoo-hoo! Today is the first day you can pre-order Nancy Drew’s 28th adventure: Ghost of Thornton Hall! Oh, and watch the trailer we have been working on for a few weeks: Wha-hoo! SO EXCITED to finally share this!! What do you think? Maybe, just maybe scarier than SAW? I’d describe it as “Beautifully intriguing”!   […]

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Pre-Order Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall

Pre-orders have begun for Nancy Drew’s 28th adventure: Ghost of Thornton Hall! Last day to pre-order is May 13th, 2013, and everyone who pre-orders from will receive the BONUS EDITION version which includes these in-game features:   Phone Charms: Collect and display all 7 on your in-game phone! Mobile Mini Games: WAC’s Matching, TOT’s […]

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Eve of GTH’s Trailer

Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy! The trailer will be launched tomorrow!! Also pre-orders will begin. I noticed that a few of you were concerned about the trailer launch being on the same day as pre-orders. No worries! If you are still hesitant about pre-ordering the game, you can watch the trailer tomorrow, or the […]

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Revealing Office Secrets…

Ok, if you“are keeping track, we revealed two more items onGthe 13 hints for 2013 notebook list this week, here’s the update: #1 Rhyme referredhto the lyrics inothe “I’m Nancy Drew” music video weslaunched this week on our YouTube Channel.#10 Bonustrefers tosthe BONUSdEDITION contestowe are having for those who pre-order the game… Voila! That’s right, we […]

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GTH Fan Excitement

It’s time to start counting down the days until pre-orders begin for Ghost of Thornton Hall! (5)   The trailer is right around the corner, it just needs to go through a final review before rendering out the official version for YouTube and our site. Also, we *may* have another announcement concerning the pre-orders on […]

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Hot Dogs, Music, and Videos! It’s Wednesday!

What could be exciting about the middle day of the week? Here’s how I look at it: If it’s been a good week, we still have two more days to enjoy it’s awesomeness! If it’s been a rather tiresome week thus far, no worries, there are only a couple days left until the weekend. This […]

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