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Preparing our Games

This is a rather broad blog post title. Preparing our games could mean a lot of different things. At the moment, the production team is preparing for Beta, getting all the important “bugs” fixed and all critical cinematics and elements into the game. The art team is preparing for ND#28, and some have already begun […]

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Kickstarter Campaign Live!!

So as you can see, I’m back. The password to get into my account was “sonnywuzhere”, thanks guys! I would have eventually got in… Hooray!! Our Kickstarter campaign is now live! Spread the word, and pledge to back us up as we aim to raise enough money to port our games to mobile devices. (The […]

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Time Goes By…Fast!

Oh my! Where did the time go today? It went by so very fast, and here’s why: tomorrow we launch our Kickstarter campaign! We have been busy preparing for this for a long time now, putting great care into our presentation. Why? Because we want our games to go mobile (starting with Tomb of the […]

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It’s me! Little Jackalope! Puzzle #362

So, when I came into the office today, I read an email that I apparently received late last night that said my password here had been changed. o.O And when I hopped online to check out this blog, behold! A post was made by Sonny Joon. Grr! Any guesses what my new password might be? […]

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The Aliens are Coming!

Not really, but I like that title. It should be the title of a Nancy Drew game or something.Mwahaha! I have hacked into the Amateur Sleuth Blog and changed Little Jackalope’s password. Until she figures it out…I’m the only one with access! Who’s got the skills? This guy! I have secrets I really wanted to […]

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Tours and Funny Directions

What a busy, fun-filled day! Today I got to lead a tour group around our office. They were high school students who had participated in a contest where they had to present a game design (so cool!). In our conference room, we brought in members from each of the Her Interactive departments to present themselves, […]

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Contest Winners and Prizes!

We finished up a bunch of contests (really only two) and have declared our winners! Our Facebook Caption Contest for Phoenix’s Ghost Hallway picture received a record-breaking response of captions, so Phoenix set some time to read through all of them, narrow down her top favorites, and then the team decided on the final winning […]

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