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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we are showing our appreciation to our fans by having a sale via Facebook. Check out our Facebook page for more details! Stop by for a visit and like us, then you will get up-to-date info on sales and specials, where as you would have to wait forever for me to post here on […]

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It’s locked….but I have a key!

That title could mean a couple of things: These doors to our office were really locked. It was after hours and I’m staying late because we have a busy week to prepare for. I hold secrets that I lock away in my mind, just waiting for the chance to be unlocked and released…much like the […]

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Weekend Puzzle #137

To start off our Friday, a few people (who are my best friends today) brought in cinnamon roles and bagels for breakfast. Yum! And then later we had a coffee fiasco where coffee spilled over the kitchen floor. If you like the smell of coffee, the kitchen is a great place to be right now! […]

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I Blame Sonny Joon

I’m not going to admit it was me, so leT’s just pretend that it was Sonny Joon who came, caused trouble, and left….without ever being seen. Look what’s on our hallway wall by the kitchen: Kind of brings back some meMories from Danger By Design where you need to catch real live cockroaches, yeah? I […]

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Interview with 2D Artist Jayme

We interviewed one of our awesome 2D artists! Her Interactive: When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be when you grew up? I’ve always loved animals, so either a vet or a zoo keeper. However my drawing skills were quite sharp back in the day and I was always getting in […]

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“Cheeseburger!” – Joe Hardy

Several adventurous Her Interactive team members (myself included) went out for lunch today. We tried out a new restaurant which specializes in burgers. While to some people, looking at food can be disgusting, I decided to go ahead and post this picture: I may be exaggerating, but my burger was about 6 inches tall. You […]

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Historic Candy

I dropped a file folder in between my desk and the wall. It is a very narrow space and my hand was just too thick to reach in between and grab it. So I began to think like Nancy, and looked around at my resources. Pencil? Nope, too short. Thin notebook? Nope, it was too […]

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A Gorgeous Day….Just add Dave!

Ah February! After the snowstorms and terrible mess from the weather, we have a beautiful winter day. It was rather warm this weekend, and I managed to snap a few shots of the plant life on the way into our office. Check it out, you have to look carefully to notice that the leaf edges […]

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Weekend Puzzle #136

Today is Friday (no way!) and therefore during lunch break a few team members and I plan on trying out a board game or two for “studying”. Last week we were super thrilled to try out a game that our Creative Director brought in: a vintage Nancy Drew board game!! Check it out: On to […]

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Happy *groundhog day! Today a fellow team mate and I went out for a lunch meeting and I decided to be gutsy and try a little *gasp* couscous! I had never tried it before (it’s only a grain, like rice) so I thought that with my burger I would give it a go. It tasted […]

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