Weekend Puzzle #137

To start off our Friday, a few people (who are my best friends today) brought in cinnamon roles and bagels for breakfast. Yum!

And then later we had a coffee fiasco where coffee spilled over the kitchen floor. If you like the smell of coffee, the kitchen is a great place to be right now!

This weekend is a little bit special! Let’s see if you can figure out the puzzle Ned made for Nancy. Here you go!


*Note: This is not a contest, but you may discuss on the Message Board. It is ok to name the final answer on the board (in spoiler code), since the link is a part of the Her website.

~Little Jackalope~

8 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #137”

  1. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    ok, it’s pretty simple. this is a calendar, and the letters and numbers stand for days of the week and the number of spaces down from that day. for example, the first one, th4, means 4 down from thursday. The number there on a calender, 23, corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, w. the full message is Wooglevalentine.

  2. Beth P. says:

    That’s the letters I got when I converted the letter/numbers combos into – well, for instance TH4 would be the fourth Thursday in Febuary – the 23. And the 23 letter in the alphabet is W, and so on and so forth. Now to unscramble it… 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who is “Mr. Woogle Woggle”?

  4. Rebekah says:

    I’m not the best in unscrambleing words but I’ll do my best thinking like nancy!!

  5. ILUVNANCY!!!! says:

    Mr. Woogle Woggle is Nancy’s teddy bear.

  6. mburgess26 says:

    Any answer yet? I found Wooglevalentine,but when I add it to the web address, it doesn’t send me anywhere…unless that isn’t part of the puzzle! 😛 Thanks.

  7. @ mburgess26: check out Tuesday, the 14th’s post for the answer. Did you try copying the entire web address, taking out the underscore bar and replacing with the answer you got? That’s odd that it didn’t take you anywhere…hmmm…

  8. mburgess26 says:

    Tried it again, must’ve missed something the first time around. Thanks!

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