It’s locked….but I have a key!

That title could mean a couple of things:

  1. These doors to our office were really locked. It was after hours and I’m staying late because we have a busy week to prepare for.
  2. I hold secrets that I lock away in my mind, just waiting for the chance to be unlocked and released…much like the unlocked secret that burst from my mind last Thursday. It had to get out!! I blame Sonny Joon…he is a bad influence. ~.^

Plans for this week include: Valentine’s Day being tomorrow (when I shall reveal the answer to last weekend’s puzzle, since it is more appropriate then), Wednesday we shall put a fun interview up on this blog, and another weekend puzzle comes Friday. Of course, there is much more we are working on, but I can’t really say. I will say that today our writer and designer had another voice recording session for Nancy Drew…I’m curious to what lines they needed…suppose I will do some more snooping. 😉
~Little Jackalope~


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3 responses to “It’s locked….but I have a key!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there more than one person who plays Nancy.And are the people who play the Hardy Boys the same people who do Ned and Carson?

    From me,

  2. The same voice actress, Lani Minella, has played Nancy’s voice for all of the games. 😉 She even did a few other voices like Loulou and Coucou the parrots to name a few.

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s really neat! I was starting to wonder that. I’m kinda new to this blogging stuff, but it’s pretty cool. I luv playing Nancy Drew games!!!:):):)

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