Interview with 2D Artist Jayme

We interviewed one of our awesome 2D artists!

Her Interactive: When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve always loved animals, so either a vet or a zoo keeper. However my drawing skills were quite sharp back in the day and I was always getting in trouble for doodling!

Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive?

I started back in Fall 2005 with an internship on the art team helping out on Danger By Design. When that ended I started doing contract work localizing the older games into French and Russian. My first game I worked on as a 2D artist was the Legend of the Crystal Skull.

Her Interactive: Name one or more viewable items from a game you have created that we know of.

I made the artwork for the Paper Doll puzzle in Shadow at the Water’s Edge. That was quite exciting with all the different hair and clothing options.

Her Interactive: When you aren’t making awesome games, what do you do for fun? Any hobbies?

I enjoy reading and playing video games. I also spin my own yarn and knit as well when I can find the time.

Her Interactive: Is there a project you’d like to work on in the future?

I think something space or science based would be fun, I love learning about new things. I would also like to see Nancy help out at a zoo or aquarium!

Her Interactive: If you were the main character of a video game, who would you be and what is your story or mission?

I would be Commander Shepard, trying to save humanity and the rest of the galaxy from an ancient alien threat and extinction! My favorite types of games are RPGs where you can customize your character and explore everything at your own pace.

Her Interactive: What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Either in real life or from the ice cream parlor in Alibi in Ashes?

Cappuccino Cream sounds like something I would want to try!

Her Interactive: If you could live in any environment from the games, where would you choose?

Tough decision, there has been so many beautiful places we’ve made in the games. However I love castles so I would have to go with Burg Finster in Germany!

Her Interactive: What is your favorite color combination?

Hmm… I have to go with Red and Black.

If you attended a murder mystery dinner party, which character would you most likely be?

  1. The Culprit
  2. The Victim
  3. The Innocent Dinner Guest
  4. The Inspector

I’ll say the Innocent Dinner Guest. I’ve been the Inspector previously at a friend’s dinner party and it was a blast, but I think I would enjoy following the unveiling of clues to the surprise of “who did it” at the end.


Thank you Jayme for all your hard work in making the games look great!

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