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Cookie Inspiration and Fishing

Anyone have a great idea for the cookie contest this year? Even though I can’t enter (because I work here) I am trying to think up an original KoKo Kringle-style cookie recipe. So far crisped rice just doesn’t sound too great in a cookie… haha. If any of you want some inspiration, you can look […]

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Old Game-Play Designs

Today’s Throwback Thursday features Isis from The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. (If you haven’t played this one yet, we have it on sale today for 50% off if you use promo code ICE-50.) When I first played this game, I had to upgrade my old computer with a new graphics card. The animation had improved […]

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Burning Quesadillas

Today’s Throwback Thursday features The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Remember when you first entered the kitchen in the Icicle Creek lodge? The orders came in and it was up to you to perfectly fulfill each one. Sometimes if you tried multitasking to make the orders faster, you’d lose track of what’s cooking… and burn […]

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Winter Solstice

Yesterday was winter solstice — the shortest day of the year and the furthest we are tilted from the sun (unless you are in the southern hemisphere — in which case it is the longest day of the year for you). Loulou the parrot mentions this in Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Speaking of CUR, this […]

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Nancy in the Cold

Nancy Drew has been to many places during the winter time. One of the great dangers that she faces in solving a case with snow around is the freezing temperatures and ice. Us detectives know this too well if we have played Treasure in the Royal Tower where there is a blizzard that traps everyone […]

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It’s Dangerous Outside!

There are several Nancy Drew games where going outside could mean danger. In The Captive Curse, that is where the monster could reach you. In Treasure in the Royal Tower and The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, the freezing weather would be too unsafe to venture into. In Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, the dogs […]

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Meet Dahlia! (Plus Weekend Puzzle #239)

Dahlia has posted her first intern video on YouTube! Welcome to Her Interactive, Dahlia! I am excited to get to see more of your videos each Friday! Be sure to leave a comment for her on YouTube, especially if there are some videos you’d like to see. NEWS ALERT! The White Wolf of Icicle Creek […]

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Cookies and Ornaments

I was out sick yesterday, and now I have returned to the office to open a newly arrived package containing a few of the prizes for the Cookie Contest winner. Take a look at how they turned out in real life!   I kind of want to get my own little Christmas Tree just so […]

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