Burning Quesadillas

Today’s Throwback Thursday features The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Remember when you first entered the kitchen in the Icicle Creek lodge? The orders came in and it was up to you to perfectly fulfill each one. Sometimes if you tried multitasking to make the orders faster, you’d lose track of what’s cooking… and burn the quesadillas. Were you a pro at the cooking? Or did you burn everything? Haha…


-Little Jackalope

5 responses to “Burning Quesadillas”

  1. SpyGirl says:

    LOVE the cooking in White Wolf! I go to the kitchen every chance I get when I play it! The food you get to cook always makes me hungry. (As a side note, it would be AWESOME to have more activities like that in future games)

  2. Karesha2 says:

    Never allow Nancy to cook quesadillas for you LJ

  3. NANCYGEEK says:

    When I was little and played that game I was super scared to burn something, but now I try everything LOL! even tried to put a raw hamburger patty on someone’s burger… Hehe 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    I loved the cooking! It was so much fun. Even being surrounded by snow just makes it so much better. I love the setting.

  5. Lauren says:

    I was a pro! I only burned down the kitchen once and that was to see what happened.

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