Old Game-Play Designs

Today’s Throwback Thursday features Isis from The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. (If you haven’t played this one yet, we have it on sale today for 50% off if you use promo code ICE-50.)


When I first played this game, I had to upgrade my old computer with a new graphics card. The animation had improved from the previous game, and this action of giving Isis commands was a totally new feature to the Nancy Drew gaming world! I thought it was pretty awesome when I played this the first time. In my dialogue box, I could choose any command to give to Isis the wolf, and she would obey with a trick. So cool!

We have a birthday to celebrate!


-Little Jackalope

6 responses to “Old Game-Play Designs”

  1. Angela says:

    Adorable Isis. What a great addition!

  2. NANCYGEEK says:

    Isis is awesome- I loved giving her commands and watching her do them. 🙂 that was a fun game 🙂
    P.s. I have been searching all over for the sonny joon comic… Still no luck….. Are you able to give hints? 🙂

  3. ND's #1 fan says:

    Yes!! This was my favorite part of ICE 😛 Also, LJ, I know it’s really early, but I’m turning 13 on August 7th, and if I could have a birthday shout-out I would be soooooo happy! (my name’s Elizabeth btw) Thank you so much!! 😀

    PS: I played SEA over the weekend and it was amazing! 😉

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