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Girls and Technology

Not too long ago I posted about how Nancy Drew games are made for everyone: girls, boys, and adults, young and old. Now I would like to point out why we focus on and continue to encourage girls. Yes, you may see that our company name is “Her”, and our web site is now pink, […]

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Awards, Trophies and Badges

We have gone through many end-game awards over the years. At first, we were left to feel proud of ourselves over the accomplished game, which, after the closing letter, would drop us into the end credits. But when we made The Haunted Carousel, we added something a little extra to say “Well done!” Game awards! […]

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A Sudden Decision

We had another top-secret walk-through meeting today for Ghost of Thornton Hall. I’ll try not to spoil it for you, but a small mention came up of a few second chances that we have done in the past. This instance is where you, as Nancy Drew, must make a quick-second decision to… well… do something. […]

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Nancy’s Second Chances

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! One comment in response to the previous blog post said: And I thought “This is so true. Nancy is always destroying things or blowing stuff up…on accident that is.” I totally didn’t mean for you to go and blow up a bunkhouse or photo lab, set […]

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