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Speaking of Trailers…

Yesterday I briefly mentioned that we were beginning to work on The Deadly Device official trailer. Unfortunately for you, I have no updates since we are still in the early process. But! The talk of trailers sent me over to YouTube to take a look at what we have done in the past. We have […]

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Waiting on The Deadly Device

As a fan, October may feel like a looong time away, but here at Her Interactive I’m sure it will come fast to us! We are still working on The Deadly Device, and this morning I noticed a few new additions to the game. Just a few missing art pieces here and there, and the […]

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The Deadly Device Cover Art!!

Hooray! The official Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device cover art is finished and we present it to you here: Also, check out the official product page on our web site here! I remember a lot of you guessed correctly on what color scheme we would go with. Great deduction! It’s kind of a teal blue, […]

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Psst! Pass the word…

Breaking news update: The Deadly Device cover art, release date, pre-order date and more will be announced on Monday! Subscribe to our newsletter here to get the latest news update! ~Little Jackalope~

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Weekend Puzzle #25

Ok everyone, this weekend puzzle has a critical piece of information concerning The Deadly Device in the answer. This puzzle has secretly been building up since July 20th. Have you noticed the important details? Good luck sleuths! 20 July + ___ + ___ + ___ + ___ + Today  = __________ *Oh, and I might […]

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Interviews and Cover Art

Today we posted an interview with our Producer, Rob! You can check it out on the Dare to Play blog here. He’s been with us for a good while, so he’s worked on several of the games. This is one memorable puzzle he worked on: Oh, and did I say cover art? Yeah, we are […]

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The Deadly Device: Beta Results

Random Jackalope thought for the day: If we can get enough money raised on our Kickstarter campaign, we would start by porting Tomb of the Lost Queen, and then someday The Deadly Device as well…When that day comes, how cool would it be to say “I have The Deadly Device on my device!” or perhaps […]

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Playing Beta: The Deadly Device

Perhaps you’ve heard the word “Beta” come up here and there. Let me explain what Beta here is, in a nutshell: Beta is a goal in our game-making process where all important logic, art, puzzles, animations, and conversations (convos as we abbreviate) are mostly done, and the game is at least playable. At this point, […]

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Historical Characters (Spoilers!)

So the TXT CHALLENGE #3 description mentioned that the trivia was about characters and historical figures. To be more accurate, we said this to properly give credit to one of the answers: Nikola Tesla, who is not just a character. He was a real historical person, not someone who was made up. ~And it’s his […]

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