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Late Night Post = Night Work!

The official release date for The Deadly Device is right around the corner, and we are busily preparing for it’s arrival. This is how excited I am: Tonight is a late-night post because I have been working on my little project, with the help from several Her Interactive team members. This project can only be […]

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Psst! Pass the word…

Breaking news update: The Deadly Device cover art, release date, pre-order date and more will be announced on Monday! Subscribe to our newsletter here to get the latest news update! ~Little Jackalope~

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TMB Release Date Announced!

First off, if you have not yet solved the weekend puzzle (yet still want to all by yourself), here’s your hint: L-R and T-B mean [Left to right, top to bottom.] And the “ctr-clk” means [counter-clockwise]. I will post about the answer later. 🙂 Surprise!! We have just announced (well, a couple of hours ago) […]

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Alibi in Ashes Officially Released!

October 18th has finally come! We are excited and pleased to present Alibi in Ashes, the special 25th game of the series, one that has been long awaited by fans! It’s finally time for Nancy to return home to River Heights, where this time she has become the prime suspect. This is the first time […]

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