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The Ambience of Waverly

Do you remember the answer to today’s Trivia Question from Warnings at Waverly Academy? This is classic, I adored the music of WAC. Wandering through the halls and hearing the lovely instrument play was just SO cool to me. I do think WAC’s soundtrack is among my favorite Nancy Drew music, including Curse of Blackmoor […]

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The Word from Fans

Time has escaped me! It’s so late, but I’ve been having fun working on the strategy guide… Look! We are starting to ship out those Koko Kringles to the first people who pre-ordered Sea of Darkness yesterday! Yummm…chocolate. Also, fans Veniamin and Sofia sang along to the instrumental version of “The Word I Couldn’t Keep” […]

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Official Page and Soundtrack!

SO much excitement today! We launched the official page for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! The full game description can be found there, as well as the game specs, and all the info we have shared so far. On another note, we are also now selling the official soundtrack, which includes the sheet music and […]

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Labyrinth of Lies in Stores!

Today is the day! Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies is now in stores! However, some stores use more shelf space for other, more popular games, and you might not see LIE in some of the local stores. If that is the case, don’t worry; we offer the games on our site here. And guess what?! […]

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Labyrinth of Lies Info!

So I missed my blog post yesterday! Here’s why: we’ve been working hard and fast since we have finished the cover art for Labyrinth of Lies. We have all sorts of things to share with you today! For starters, the official product page for LIE is up now! Check it out now! We’ve got all […]

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Weekend Puzzle #234

We have lots of things going on this weekend! Let’s see if I can cover all of them… First of all, don’t forget about the Facebook Caption Contest that is still going on until end of day Monday. Secondly, the official soundtrack for The Shattered Medallion is now available here to purchase and download! Thirdly, […]

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Weekend Puzzle #227

It’s a beautiful day here at Her Interactive. The sky is blue, the sun is out, it’s freezing cold, and the geese are ice skating on the slough. During lunch today we played board games, as we often do on Fridays. When we get back to our desks, we are busy working on art and […]

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Musical Fans

Hey all, I was out sick yesterday. 🙁 But now I’m back a ready to dive into the latest Nancy Drew game we are currently working on. While I get to see everything and play the game as we work on it, just about all of you are eagerly awaiting more information. Don’t worry, we […]

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Interview with SPY Composer, Thomas Regin!

Today we posted this video interview of The Silent Spy‘s music composer, Thomas Regin! Check it out! Have you played The Silent Spy? Or are you waiting for it arrive on the store shelves? Whether you are waiting to play the game or already have and enjoyed it, might I suggest the soundtrack available for […]

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Weekend Puzzle #215

Hooray for Friday! For those of you who pre-ordered, the physical copies should be arriving next week, and those who are getting digital…there are only four days left until you get to download your copy! Oh boy, this means my SPY secrets are going to be revealed soon! Well, I might as well make the […]

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