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Important Date Ahead!

Today we announced the date that we premiere the official trailer to The Silent Spy! Mark your calendars for Monday the 16th! It will be the day you get to pre-order The Silent Spy and get to view the trailer on our YouTube channel. Have you subscribed to stay informed on all of our latest […]

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SPY Sountrack Released! (And Puzzle #211)

The biggest news we have for your weekend is this: we have released The Silent Spy soundtrack! it is now available for digital purchase on our site, and with it we included the sheet music for the “Kate” theme for you to play along! (Piano recommended). Perhaps creating a tutorial video would be cool in […]

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Music for Mysteries: Volume 5

I bet you weren’t expected this, but here’s what I’ve been hinting at this past week: Now the music collection is complete! You can now order this music on our site! I’m looking forward to The Silent Spy’s soundtrack in the future, now. Check it out! We interviewed our very own Producer, Rob! I think […]

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Haunting Songs

Have you listened to the music while playing Ghost of Thornton Hall? I think it’s awesome, and since I have the soundtrack I get to listen to it on speakers just by itself, volume cranked up louder so I can fully appreciate the work and design that was put into the score. If you’d like […]

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Who is Nancy Drew?

According to me, everyone who plays a Nancy Drew game can claim to be “Nancy Drew”, since they take on her character role. Therefore, anybody can suddenly burst into this song that we posted a while back: Due to several requests, we are posting the lyrics and chords! Perhaps this is your opportunity to perform […]

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Hot Dogs, Music, and Videos! It’s Wednesday!

What could be exciting about the middle day of the week? Here’s how I look at it: If it’s been a good week, we still have two more days to enjoy it’s awesomeness! If it’s been a rather tiresome week thus far, no worries, there are only a couple days left until the weekend. This […]

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Countdown to Pre-orders

Hey all! Unfortunately I was out sick yesterday (no joke!) and therefore your answer to the weekend puzzle had to be delayed until today. From the looks of it no one has reached the correct answer! *Gasp*! It appears that with less direction, these puzzles are more likely to stump you…hehe….now I know how to […]

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Music from Ghost of Thornton Hall

To reveal a little more about Ghost of Thornton Hall and for the sake of added excitement, we decided to launch the game’s soundtrack before the game officially releases. For $4.99 you can download the complete set of music played in the background of the game, including the scare sequence music clips (which happen really […]

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The Music of Egypt and Science

Nobody panic! If you’ve checked out our web site or have noticed the conversation on the Message Boards… we are not retiring Warnings at Waverly Academy, in fact we updated our site today to better clarify. Once the physical box copies of WAC are sold out, we will not be re-stocking them. The digital download, […]

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