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Sunny Yoon and Throw Back Thursday

Last night I was goofing around online while watching tv and I found this picture that a fan had taken while they were visiting Salem Massachusetts. I found it so fitting that I had to share it with you today! What do you guys think? Has Sonny Joon created a not so secret identity and […]

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Indy’s Last Post and Weekend Puzzle 310

Hi guys, Little Jackalope is coming back to work next week. Since this will probably be the last time I post on the AS Blog I figured I would share with you guys the meaning of some of the last words of the parrot in Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. I am sure  most […]

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Twitch Party: CUR Day 1

Tonight’s the night! Our first day streaming Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. We are giving away 3 KoKo Kringles to a lucky viewer. (Come join us to learn how you could potentially win these.) You do not need an account to watch us here, but if you want to be alerted to when we […]

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Day Two: Treasure in the Royal Tower

Yesterday we began playing Treasure in the Royal Tower on Twitch. Tonight, in less than an hour we shall continue! Tonight I will be showing off photos of the real-life castle that we used as reference and inspiration for Wickford Castle. Stay tuned! Follow us and join the Twitch party here. Also, JUST for the […]

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Day One: Treasure in the Royal Tower

Tonight’s the night! Join our LIVE STREAM party on here and follow us. You don’t have to have an account to watch (it’s free), but if you want the alerts to when we go live, and if you want join and participate in the live chat, you’ll need to create a free account. Be […]

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Happy Easter 2016! (Weekend Puzzle #302)

There’s a lot to cover in the weekend news, so I’m presenting it all in this video for you: Get The Silent Spy here. Get Resorting to Danger! here. Get Lights! Camera! Curses! here. Vote in March Madness here on Twitter. Check out the March Madness brackets here on our page. Aaaaand here’s your weekend […]

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Twitch Party! Day One: The Final Scene

Hey all! We are starting our  first day in the Twitch LIVE party in 30 minutes! Head over to Twitch and join us as we play The Final Scene tonight! -Little Jackalope

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Nancy’s Forgettable Name (Weekend Puzzle #298)

I thought up this meme a long time ago, but am finally sharing it with the world. XD Here’s your weekend puzzle! We have a birthday to celebrate today! -Little Jackalope

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Completing Shadow Ranch

Well, sadly the party’s over on Twitch. At least for this week! We posted all three days of our playing The Secret of Shadow Ranch up onto YouTube for everyone to watch and re-watch. It was such fun! Here’s the third and final day: You all were great fun to communicate with and host for, […]

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Grand Finale of Shadow Ranch! (And Weekend Puzzle #297)

Hey all! Tonight we finish our Twitch party with the end of The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Hope you can join us in a few minutes! We began uploading our past Twitch video to YouTube in a new “Twitch Parties” playlist. Here’s the first one below (note: YouTube is currently updating this to trim out […]

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