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Day Three: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (Weekend Puzzle #310)

Tonight we finish playing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on Twitch! We start at 4pm Pacific Time. Be sure to follow us and participate for a chance to win KoKo Kringles or a Kindle Fire! Today is also the last day for you to take advantage of the Twitch party sale! You can get or […]

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Day Two: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

In two hours we will continue our live Twitch stream of Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Today, intern Indy will be playing and I will be commenting. If you are new to Twitch, you don’t need an account to simply watch the show, but if you want to comment in the live chat feed and […]

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Where Did All Our Koko Kringles Go?

Today I am sharing with you a few pictures of a map we have in the office where we tracked where all the Koko Kringles from our last promotion went. It is kind of hard to tell but a lot of them went to the east coast! I also added another video to my Summer Intern playlist […]

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Hi, I’m Indy!

Hi guys, my name is Indy and I am the new summer intern this year! I am so excited to be here. After my first week at the office I cannot believe how nice and welcoming everyone is.  When I got to my cubical I found it decorated with streamers and confetti. But that is not […]

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Twitch Party: CUR Day 3

Tonight we pick up where we left off from Friday’s Twitch party! We will continue playing Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor and will be giving away 3 more KoKo Kringles. 😉 Since it is unlikely we will finish the game tonight, the stream will also continue tomorrow/Tuesday. If you missed the two streams last […]

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Twitch Party: CUR Day 1

Tonight’s the night! Our first day streaming Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. We are giving away 3 KoKo Kringles to a lucky viewer. (Come join us to learn how you could potentially win these.) You do not need an account to watch us here, but if you want to be alerted to when we […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!

Hey all! Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! We are celebrating with a sale on The Secret of Shadow Ranch. (Shop here.) Also, you have until end of day Sunday to submit your Valentine’s Day Cards! Learn more here. Head’s up! If you were among the first 500 orders starting Feb. 1st, your KoKo Kringle is on […]

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Valentines and Voting

There have been some great entries for the Nancy Drew Moment contest and the Valentine’s Day Card contest! I’m sharing a few new additions from this weekend: Also, do you remember the answer to this Trivia Tuesday question? -Little Jackalope

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Grand Finale of Shadow Ranch! (And Weekend Puzzle #297)

Hey all! Tonight we finish our Twitch party with the end of The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Hope you can join us in a few minutes! We began uploading our past Twitch video to YouTube in a new “Twitch Parties” playlist. Here’s the first one below (note: YouTube is currently updating this to trim out […]

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Mystery in a Mystery Book

This fun article came out recently about finding treasures inside old Nancy Drew books. Check it out here! What sort of bookmarks do you use when reading books? I’m guilty of using receipts, scraps of paper, library cards, movie theater ticket stubs and sticky notes. 😛 Also, there are still a TON of KoKo Kringle […]

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