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Candy Phone Anyone?

What I really mean is, that if you have an iPhone 4/4s you can purchase a case for it in our merchandise store here. I wanted to point out some images that I found rather fun. Check out the candy from Trail of the Twister! Here’s Cowabubble: There are a couple other images to choose […]

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Valentine’s Special!

A Valentine’s Day Surprise! We are sweetening the Facebook deal by randomly selecting 5 people who purchase a game today using promo code LOVE25 or their Mobile promo code to win two Koko Kringle bars each! In a nutshell: purchase a digital game, and you could win chocolate. ~.^

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Announcement: Store Updated!

Before I forget: Twitter Quote Contest is going on right now, and the prize is a Koko Kringle candy bar! (My favorite kind of prize). Head over to see if you know who said the famous quote! Also, if you have a Facebook account, head over and post a creative caption to the photo of […]

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More Koko Kringle!

Yep, I’m talking about Koko Kringle bars…again. Honestly, can someone get tired of talking about Koko Kringles? Well, maybe, if you aren’t a crazed fanatic for them. Take a look here, we squirreled away some candy bars (because we are sneaky like that). These are meant specifically for the 10 people who will be randomly […]

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After Christmas

Welcome back all! Hope you had a great Christmas! It looks like many of you have received some much anticipated games this year, along with those who received a Koko Kringle bar like this lucky fan here: Speaking of Koko Kringle bars…thanks to your help, we accomplished our goal of 100,000 “likes” on our Facebook […]

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Koko Kringle Kalamity

It’s not really a big deal, but…. The Koko Kringles for the December Holiday Sale are all out!!! Nooooo! This is distressing news indeed for the general population, except for those lucky sleuths who ordered earlier in the month and have already received theirs, that is (the sale will continue until December 29th, so it […]

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Early Sketches

Sometimes it helps the artists to sketch out their images before they begin on the computer. I rather enjoy seeing their hand work before it comes to life on the screen, and this blog is the perfect place to show you what I dug up. While searching for potential images to use in the Amateur […]

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