Where Did All Our Koko Kringles Go?

Today I am sharing with you a few pictures of a map we have in the office where we tracked where all the Koko Kringles from our last promotion went. It is kind of hard to tell but a lot of them went to the east coast!



I also added another video to my Summer Intern playlist on our YouTube channel. The subject of the video is the answer to the weekend puzzle! It is a Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues DIY video. In the video, follow along with me to make your slinky version of the Robot Puppy in our new app Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues. You will need to head over to the downloads tab in the Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues product page. Click here to get there. Share with me your own creations when you’re done!

Lastly, we have a birthday today!



4 responses to “Where Did All Our Koko Kringles Go?”

  1. Alex says:

    I wish it was a clearer picture so I could see if there’s a marker where I am on the map! I’m pretty sure it was the most recent promo that I got a koko Kringle. I love seeing behind the scenes stuff like that 🙂

    Also, I know you can’t share more about MID with us, but now that you’re the intern, have you yourself gotten to learn more about it? (if so I’m jealous :P)

    • Indy says:

      Hi Alex, I have learned quite a bit about MID since coming aboard, however I cannot share any of the information and it is killing me!

  2. NancyDrew16! says:

    That’s cool seeing where all of the Koko Kringles were sent. The paper puppies are sooooo cute! I am definitely making one of those. Thanks Indy 🙂

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