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Grand Finale of Shadow Ranch! (And Weekend Puzzle #297)

Hey all! Tonight we finish our Twitch party with the end of The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Hope you can join us in a few minutes! We began uploading our past Twitch video to YouTube in a new “Twitch Parties” playlist. Here’s the first one below (note: YouTube is currently updating this to trim out […]

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Mystery in a Mystery Book

This fun article came out recently about finding treasures inside old Nancy Drew books. Check it out here! What sort of bookmarks do you use when reading books? I’m guilty of using receipts, scraps of paper, library cards, movie theater ticket stubs and sticky notes. 😛 Also, there are still a TON of KoKo Kringle […]

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KoKo Kringle Night!

Tonight’s the night! Starting at 5:00pm PT, the first 500 orders (including international visitors) of a Nancy Drew game (physical or digital) will receive a KoKo Kringle! The KoKo Kringles will be sent from our office separately from the game (if you purchase physical). You can be ready early by logging into your account. 😉 […]

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February News!

We have so many things going on this February that I had to put the announcements all together in this video: To learn more about each of these, you can click through the links below that I’ve gathered for you. KoKo Kringle Valentine’s Day Card Contest Our Twitch Profile – Sign up and follow us! […]

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Thanksgiving Video Contest! (And Weekend Puzzle #292)

We have a new contest!! And here’s your weekend puzzle. Good luck! 1553132444243322 4311311543 113314 1334334415434443 4434 13343215 -Little Jackalope

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National Chocolate Day

Did you know that today is National Chocolate Day? Sounds like a great day to me! There’s only one way to celebrate: eat chocolate. Do you think Nancy is a chocolate hoarder? I do… but then I am, too. 😉 We have a birthday today! -Little Jackalope

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Old Symbols and Koko Teases

Today’s Throwback Thursday features one of my favorite memories: finding all the kanji symbols throughout the Golden Gardenia mansion in Message in a Haunted Mansion. (By the way, if you haven’t played it yet, use promo code MHM50 for 50% off on the digital copy today only!) Oh yes, and by the way… tomorrow we reveal […]

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Sentimental Pieces

I’m seeing a lot of people on our Facebook page posting their pictures of the Koko Kringle chocolate bars they received for being among the first 500 to pre-order Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness. So many excited fans! All of the Koko Kringle bars have already been shipped from our office, so most everyone who is […]

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Pre-Ordering Video!

Hey all! I made a video explaining what pre-ordering is and what it all includes. Of course, I had extra fun making it because I got to eat a Koko Kringle at the end. XD Sadly I do not have a weekend puzzle ready this week, either. Stay tuned for one in the future! -Little […]

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The Night Before…

Hey all! I was out of the office last Friday and didn’t post a puzzle, sorry! This week is an exciting one! Pre-orders for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness begin tomorrow at 9:00 am Pacific time. (Mountain time is 10:00 am, Central is 11:00 am, and Eastern is noon.) What is extra-super-way-cool is the new […]

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