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Summer 2014 Intern!

Check it out! Yep! We have a new intern here in our office for the summer! Dahlia will be bringing us new videos each Friday, so I will be highlighting her a lot on the blog, since she is working on some fun things coming up. I recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel so that […]

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Interviews, Puzzles, and Winners

I’m so excited!! Phoenix’s video interview with Nik part #2 is now live on our YouTube Channel! Whoo-hoo!! If you watch it all the way through you should leave a comment in reply to Phoenix’s future video thoughts (interviews with other employees, other things you’d like to see in upcoming videos etc…) I’m sure she’d […]

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Nancy Drew Spaces

We have been *cough*purposefully*cough* keeping you in suspense for a few days with the secret YouTube video. Cue evil laughter: Mwahaha! Cut evil moment: The “private” video on intern Phoenix’s play list is now viewable! Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to stay informed on all the latest uploads she adds. 😉   This […]

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Game Testing Results

Howdy all! I was out of the office yesterday and that explains the lack of a post. 🙁 No update to the egg mystery, but we do have some other updates: our new intern, Phoenix, uploaded a new video to her Video Blog series, which can be found on our YouTube channel. Check it out, […]

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Weekend Puzzle #153 + Exciting Friday!

Boy oh boy, we had a full day today! Busybusybusybusy…but in a very good way. There is a lot to say, so hang tight and don’t hold your breathe; it will be a long read. (~.^) First off, as you may have learned already, we have a new summer intern! Introducing Phoenix! She has a […]

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Intern Day #2

Can’t talk long! Need to concoct a plan to catch an Egg culprit. Very focused here, no progress on the mystery today. 🙁 I did have a good break from this difficult mystery, though. (In the books Nancy often stops to enjoy life while in the middle of her thoughts). Today we took our new […]

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Haunted Eggs!

It’s a new week and we have a new intern here in the Her Interactive office! Maybe we will get to hear from her later after she learns all of the company secrets. 😉 There has been a development in the egg mystery. Unfortunately I have made no progress except to eliminate a few suspects […]

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