Intern Day #2

Can’t talk long! Need to concoct a plan to catch an Egg culprit. Very focused here, no progress on the mystery today. 🙁

I did have a good break from this difficult mystery, though. (In the books Nancy often stops to enjoy life while in the middle of her thoughts). Today we took our new intern out for a welcome lunch, and had Mexican food, (yum). Perhaps one of the most exciting parts about the lunch trip was that it was raining cats and dogs, metaphorically speaking. While I appreciate the rain which helps keep everything green here, I’m eager for a little sunshine and summer weather.

Hmm, rain does make for excellent footprints, though…

Weekend puzzle answer!
The puzzle was a [playfair cipher], so you would take out the Q in the alphabet, and use the key word “Clue” to begin re-creating your alphabet grid. There are some further guides on how a [playfair cipher] works online, but once this puzzle is solved, you should get this: [intern coming], which is 2 days’ old news, because she’s here!

Ok, my mind is going elsewhere…like back to the eggs…
~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Intern Day #2”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If I were to suggest something, I would say set a trap, like video monitor or something. Unfortunetely, I think that the culprit is already monitoring YOU, through this blog to track your progress. Good luck on whatever you choose to enact!

  2. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    Well, I think one obvious way to catch the culprit is to set up one or more secret hidden cameras to be on 24-7. You might be able to catch the egg culprit!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the books! Nancy usually finds huge clues while out of work. You should secretly put in a security can era in your office! Or pretend to leave the building but hide outside your office! Hope I helped!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you should make a huge mudpuddle outside that everyone will step in. Then,if they track mud to your office to drop off another egg,you can check everyone’s shoes later on.

    Have you ever thought of Singin’ in the Rain?? 🙂 (sorry.favorite movie)

    From me,

  5. These are great thoughts everyone! I might look into these…except I’m not sure where, if I can, put a mud puddle for strategic purposes…haha! >.< So messy!

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