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Ghost of Thornton Hall Box Art Revealed!

Today’s the day!!! Enough gab, take a look at this cover: For a while Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was my favorite cover art, but now this one has made it to my #1 favorite spot. What do you make of this? The graveyard with the ghost lingering by a crypt, looking on and thinking […]

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GTH Lingering in the Shadows…

We have an important announcement! Tomorrow we will present the official cover art for Ghost of Thornton Hall!! Come back to the blog, check our web site, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest, and stay tuned to see the art that we have been working hard to finish and have been anxious to […]

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Historical Reference: Theatre

We have a Caption Contest winner! After the judges read through all comments on Facebook, it was narrowed down to Rachael G. of Australia for her caption: Gray: “So you don’t think wrapping ourselves in foil and paper clips to create little faraday suits would protect us?” Congrats Rachael! (Thanks for participating, everyone! Stay tuned […]

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Preparing Images for DED

I snapped a screenshot of what my computer looks like right now. I have just begun preparing images from The Deadly Device for our merchandise store. The process is a lot of fun! First I play through the game, looking for great images. I then create my list of high-resolution shots and send my list […]

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The Deadly Device Cover Art!!

Hooray! The official Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device cover art is finished and we present it to you here: Also, check out the official product page on our web site here! I remember a lot of you guessed correctly on what color scheme we would go with. Great deduction! It’s kind of a teal blue, […]

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Cover Design Meeting + Revealed Secret

Today was a rather exciting day! We had our first kick-off meeting with the team for our next game’s cover art design. I got to bring our intern in with me to see our Designer and Writer show off the game art (or what little we have, since it is still in the making and […]

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Parlez-vous… mystère?

Ok, so maybe my French isn’t perfect, and maybe I didn’t pay too close attention to Professor Hotchkiss’s French words in Treasure in the Royal Tower, but I thought it would be a nice lead-in to this image: Check out the French packaging for Secrets Can Kill Remastered that we just viewed yesterday!I find it […]

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Alibi in Ashes Box Revealed!

This is why we were super busy yesterday: getting ready to show you this!! ~Official box art for Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes!~ So what do you think for our 25th game art? For more information on Alibi in Ashes, head over to our product page, where there is one date that you might want […]

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Games on a Shelf

I spent a little time collecting games from all around the office to try to put together a complete collection in one shelf. The boxed games I found scattered on a nearby shelf, many of the DVD cases were hiding in a secret place in a corner of the office, and the missing ones I […]

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