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Halloween & Prizes Excitement

We are getting into the heart of the Halloween season, with cosplay and pumpkin contests, exciting prizes, and Halloween-themed videos! First of all, we have some new photos of the awesome Charlotte Thornton doll by AY Collective. Take a look at all the photos on the contest page! (Isn’t she gorgeous?!) Also, we have a great […]

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Charlotte Cosplay and Shave Ice

We have another fun entry by Melissa for our Cosplay Contest. How cool is this?! Today’s Throwback Thursday is from The Creature of Kapu Cave. You can get the digital download today for 50% off using promo code CRE50 at checkout. Also, I’ve got some fun projects I’m working on right now, and some new […]

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Toys Are Fun

Ever since Curse of Blackmoor Manor (the chattering teeth toy in Jane’s room), I have learned to always try things repeatedly — just in case something special would happen if I played with the object 20+ times. In real life I’m sure it would ridiculous if I stood and played with the pigeon toy for […]

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Hotchkiss and Yurei – Fan Style

Check out this awesome pumpkin entry by Lizzy! It’s the ghost girl (yurei) from Shadow at the Water’s Edge: I have a pumpkin at home, and even though I can’t enter the contest, I can certainly show you my attempt at a cool carving! Now what to carve… Fan Taylor cosplayed at Prof. Hotchkiss from […]

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Family Photos, Nancy Drew Style!

We are starting to receive some great entries to our cosplay contest! Check out the Worthington family’s photo: we’ve got Nancy Drew, Charlotte, Minette, and “Das Monster.” Will you be dressing up as a Nancy Drew Character for the contest? As for the weekend puzzle, it looks like it was solved! Here’s the drop quote […]

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Missing Chocolate + Weekend Puzzle #288

Today’s office story is about chocolate. The mystery was this: why is there no chocolate in the office? It was a short case to solve. We’ve all eaten it. The chocolate chip cookies were gone. The peanut butter cups were gone. My desk drawer has been emptied of candy bars. All that was left was […]

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Throwbacks and Costumes

Today’s Throwback Thursday features The Deadly Device. (You can get the digital download for 50% off today using promo code DED50 at checkout.) I remember operating the Tesla Coil in DED, it was rather loud. XD Also, we shared this costume inspiration from The Captive Curse. Which Nancy Drew character will you dress up for in […]

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Nancy Drew Drama Series + Fan Video!

In today’s news, we continue on the wave of excitement and skepticism for the new proposed Nancy Drew drama on CBS: And check out this fan’s awesome flash video work featuring the Nancy Drew books! Nice work, Taylor! -Little Jackalope

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Big News for Nancy Drew Fans

Guess what? CBS is going to make a drama series of Nancy Drew! Check out the article here. The big highlights is that she’s 30 and a cop in New York. What are your thoughts on this? Who do you think would make a great Nancy Drew? (My first thought is for the actress Molly […]

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Those Cool Prizes…

I’m pretty excited about our two contests happening right now. Not only for the awesome entries I’m sure we’ll receive soon, but also for the prizes! I just wanted to talk about those. 😉 For the pumpkin carving contest, we have these: The big briefcase is filled with ghost-hunting equipment. It includes the following: EMF […]

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