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SEA Screenshot #1 (And Weekend Puzzle #269)

Happy Friday, sleuths! We released an official screenshot from Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Whatcha think? We have another fan birthday to celebrate: On to the weekend puzzle! No hints or clues this time, because this puzzle contains a real teaser… 115 5 2.1 116 5 2.1 115 5 2.3 111 22 3.2 114 […]

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Smart and Sassy People

Today’s March Madness match-up on our Facebook page is Dierdre Shannon vs. Mason Quinto. I think this is a fair match-up! Both of these individuals are smart, and they can also get easily upset with people. Dierdre is so sassy and Mason is quite uptight. You could either be completely annoyed with them for these […]

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List of things to do…

Game launch season has begun for us, since we must prepare everything in getting ready for the pre-orders of Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness. It may feel like forever for you all, but for us, the time is quickly coming! This week, we are finishing up the box art… but we don’t go to print […]

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SEA Desktop Icon

Official release! We are now sharing the official desktop icon for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness: Now that we have finished this part of the game, I can start working on adding this to the merchandise store. 😉 -Little Jackalope

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National Panic Day

Did you know it is National Panic day? Haha! Any excuse to celebrate being scared, right? In honor of this, we have a one-day sale happening for our scary game, Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Also, speaking of scares, Nancy has a crazy kind of bravery about her. Some of us players did […]

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SPY Art and Weekend Puzzle #268

Aaaaaand… Yumi pulls ahead to claim the first position in round #1 of the Nancy Drew March Madness! I’m personally a little upset, because I really like George Fayne better, haha. But the fans have spoken! (It is after all, just for fun, anyways.) Today you vote for Rentaro or Gray on our Facebook page. […]

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March Madness and Charlotte

Hey all! We are doing another Nancy Drew: March Madness this year, but this time, instead of voting for the best games, you vote for the best character of all time. You can keep updated with our brackets on this page here and download the chart yourself if you’d like to fill it out for […]

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International Fans

Check this out! Our fan Martha is from Israel, and to celebrate Purim, she dressed up as Charlotte from Ghost of Thornton Hall! Here in America we have a day in our yearly calendar where we dress up for holidays: Halloween. Even though it is still months away, it is never too early to start […]

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Planning the Red Carpet for SEA

Even those Sea of Darkness will not be available until May, we still have lots to do in preparing it for the world. The game is still getting its tweaks and being fixed to work perfectly, the cover art is nearly done and is being formatted for the box, and I am going snooping for […]

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Hidden Things

Looks like you all cracked the weekend puzzle really fast! It was a cryptogram, where you must assign objects to a letter. The Clock is a W, and the cowboy hat is the letter K. Here are the answers to the rest: Koko Kringle = T Horse shoe = H Glow stick = E Jr […]

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