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International Nancy Drew

Check out the latest news presented to you in my latest video! You can shop for these games here. No weekend puzzle this time. 🙁 Instead, may I suggest replaying some international-themed Nancy Drew games? 😉 -Little Jackalope

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It’s a Nancy Drew Thing…

Hooray! This Nancy Drew quote is now up in our merchandise store! All you have to do is select a product, like a T-Shirt or a mug or pillowcase… then look in the “Nancy Drew Misc” category to find this design. For all you Nancy Drew nerds out. <3 Oh, and today’s Throwback Thursday features […]

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Early Projects for the Weekend

These past few days I have been getting an early start on several projects (and finishing them) before the next few days. Tomorrow a small group of us sit in a really long meeting to walk through the latest game, Sea of Darkness to see how the mystery plays out. (No peaking on this TOP […]

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Popular Nancy Drew Quotes

There are several popular Nancy Drew quotes that can be identified within the Nancy Drew fandom community. “Dare to play” is the popular company catch phrase, while it used to be the old-fashioned “For Girls Who Aren’t Afraid of a Mouse.” And then there are Nancy Drew quotes like “It’s locked!” or “Can’t check that […]

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“We Can Do it!”

Today I drew a pretty picture of Nancy Drew. What’dya think? It’s supposed to look like the famous Rosie the Riveter poster… As for the weekend puzzle, it was semaphore flag code. Once you translate the flags, you get [A foreign shore]. This is a clue to Sea of Darkness. 😉 We have some birthdays […]

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Pa Pennies and Animation Meetings

Today we had an awesome meeting! We got to review the first early character animations for SEA in our main conference room. There, the animation team loaded up a game build and played some conversations between the newly animated characters with Nancy. For the first time we get to see these characters really come to […]

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Fun Fans and Thursday Memories

We received a thank you video from our 2nd place Cookie Contest Winner Carlahna today, and I wanted to share it with you! We also watched this latest video from fan Taylor who talks about the Nancy Drew games (awesome!). This is kind of inspiring… maybe I should start working on new blog videos again…? […]

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Cookie Winners & Snooping

We have announced our Cookie Contest winners today! Check them out and see some honorable mentions on our contest page here! This week I’ve been rummaging around the latest game we are working on (Sea of Darkness) to listen to some audio clips and look for potential things to share with you. But I got […]

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Texture Teases for SEA

I’ve been snooping around the latest game builds, audio files, and art textures in Sea of Darkness. We posted this to the home page, teasing the the game release date: This is an actual barrel texture from the ship you see in the teaser trailer for the game. There are actually 6 different barrel textures […]

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Welcome to 2015!

Happy New Year, sleuths! We are back in the office and ready to pick up on our projects once again. The art team is lip-syncing and animating the characters for Sea of Darkness right now, the design team is finalizing some soundtracks, and the production team is building and fixing some puzzles. What am I […]

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