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When it Gets Dark

Night time is the best time to get scared! Does it creep you out when the lights flicker in a game? It usually means that someone or something is nearby… trying to get to you or scare you. This Throwback Thursday features a scene from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, which you can get for […]

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Nancy Drew’s Wish List

The holidays are coming up! It’s getting colder outside and may just snow this year here in Washington state. It’s time for cocoa, fireplaces, scarves and boots…and some indoor game-playing, I think! I may have a personal list of activities to do this winter season and a longer list of foods and baked goods to […]

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Design Meetings & Twitter Party

Today at Her Interactive we had a small meeting where we took a look at navigation, cinematic styles, cut scenes and different perspectives. Even though we are very familiar with how we do things while making the latest game, it’s always good to take a step back at its design and look at the big […]

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Monday Mysteries

It has been pretty quiet here today in the office. The artists are busy working on the environments for SEA. The production team is working on some early game builds, connecting logic flags together and making the game functional. The sales and marketing team is planning ahead on holiday sales and things. There isn’t much […]

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Nancy Drew Language (And Weekend Puzzle #257)

Since playing the Nancy Drew games, have you added any new words to your vocabulary? Words like “investigate” or “snoop” or “solve” or perhaps even… “rude?” (Minette says this like it means something good in Danger by Design.) Of course, there are also classic quotes from memorable characters, like “Don’t let the turkeys get you […]

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Thursday Snooping = BOLD Snooping

Nancy is a rather bold detective! Do you recall the moments in the classic books where Nancy boldly snoops environments and enters through doors that are typically only meant for employees? Well… she does this in the games, too if hadn’t noticed: How’s your bravery? Do you often fear getting caught? Do you think you […]

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The Best Games for Fall

Fall is here in the Pacific Northwest! The tree leaves have changed colors, it is getting colder outside, it gets dark earlier, and occasionally we have rain and high winds. ‘Tis the season for hot drinks, scarves and boots… and a few Nancy Drew games! My personal favorite fall games are Warnings at Waverly Academy, […]

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Nancy Drew Musical!

We have the greatest fans ever! I’m always excited to see how fans get so creative and share with us their enthusiasm for Nancy Drew. One of our great fans, Caroline, wrote a musical… but not just any musical. It was a Nancy Drew musical! She shared this with us last week, and we have […]

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Awesome Costumes

How was your Halloween weekend? Did you walk through any haunted houses? Play any scary Nancy Drew games? Get scared? Or perhaps be the person causing all the scares? A few fans shared with us their great costumes from this season. Check these out! We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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