When it Gets Dark

Night time is the best time to get scared! Does it creep you out when the lights flicker in a game? It usually means that someone or something is nearby… trying to get to you or scare you. This Throwback Thursday features a scene from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, which you can get for 50% off using promo code: DOG today.


The lights are going low already for winter here at the office! The weather reminds us that many holidays are fastly approaching and there is lots to do before then! My list for this week is rather long… and I am preparing everything in advance for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 😉 No peaking!

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Happy birthday to our fan!


-Little Jackalope

One response to “When it Gets Dark”

  1. Annie says:

    Hey Little Jackalope!
    So recently I was talking with a friend about the first Nancy Drew Dossier game, Lights Camera Curses, and I realized something that I totally missed when I played the game years ago. At the end of the game Nancy is talking about the Tinsel Town Tattler and how they keep calling her, and she says she’ll have their people call her people. She then says that she’ll have to train her people (meaning her dog Togo) to answer the phone, but she doesn’t think talking to a dog will faze their people at all. I completely overlooked this when I was younger, and I’ve forgotten Nancy even said this, but it’s probably one of her sassiest insults. I’ve never heard anybody mention it before, so I figured I’d be the first so people can treasure another one of Nancy’s awesome insults.

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