It’s Throwback Thursday! (ND Style!)

You may have seen a couple of these already posted to our social media sites, but if you are visiting for the first time or are just catching up, this is a new picture series we started. it highlights those classic memories from playing the older Nancy Drew games. I loved finding this when I played Message in a Haunted Mansion for the first time! (Detective points to Dahlia for pointing out this classic moment!)


-Little Jackalope

6 responses to “It’s Throwback Thursday! (ND Style!)”

  1. ND's #1 fan says:

    Ooo! I love that moment! MHM was my second game, and I absolutely love it! It took me about 3 replays to get over the evil swan table though….and the “I see you!” portrait still scares me!! That was one scary game…especially if you just turned 10… really freaky! I loved it though 😛

    • Catherine says:

      Actually, the table has a Pheonix, not a swan. The motion of its head is supposed to be a hint for the library secret room. It’s trying to help you (:


  2. Charisma says:

    I don’t get it

  3. Foundation2430 says:

    I thought that was kind of strange when Rose Green asked you to fix this and that and then she says to scrap that paint off the ceiling. And then you find a whole room of secrets. I liked the end alot. It was very, colourful, I guess. Just like in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.

  4. Silvertongue says:

    MHM was my very first game. this part was very exciting. It seems like something I’d like exploring in real life. ~Silvertongue.

  5. jacie226 says:

    i loved how life like this game was. It does seem like something you would discover in real life. I loved playing this and the ending was interesting. When i discovered this for the first time a freaked out a little

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