Joon in July

With only two weekends left this month, that is all the time we have left for our fans to take pictures of themselves with flat Sonny and post to our Facebook page (or email to us) to be entered into the contest here. I’ve already looked at all of the entries so far, and there are some fun shots!

Today I had someone take my picture with flat Sonny in the main conference room. This picture isn’t for the Where’s Sonny? contest, but rather for the Caption Contest for Facebook coming up on Thursday. Come back then to participate!

Back to Sonny: because of all this Sonny talk, I’m just starting to work on more Sonny Joon merchandise, to be added to our store once the Where’s Sonny? contest ends. Want to take a peek at what my screen looks like right now?

Yup, Sonny is going on a pillowcase. This isn’t available yet. As you can see, I’m still working on it.

Head’s up: tomorrow, instead of a Twitter Quote contest, we will have another Trivia Day on Twitter. Think you know your Nancy Drew games? Test your knowledge in tomorrow’s fun questions!


~Little Jackalope~

4 responses to “Joon in July”

  1. William D says:

    Since I don’t have a twitter account I’ll have to wait till the answers to come out to see if I’m right.
    Also, sonny on a PILLOW (case)!?!?!?!? *mind blows apart*

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Sonny on a pillowcase! SO excited for SPY!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi JL! I have a question… is there a fan art page on her interactive? Can you send fan art to this blog? What is the address to send it to? If you can tell me that would be great! That you!
    PS: sorry I realized that I asked more than one question instead of one.
    so if you can answer these questions for me that would be great!
    thanks again!

  4. @Anonymous — Currently, there is no fan art page on our site. We like our fans to post to our Facebook or Twitter pages, and sometimes if we emails (, I post some art to this blog. 🙂

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