The Middle of Summer Spying

I suppose if you have already played Ghost of Thornton Hall, as well as all of the other Nancy Drew mysteries (which games are you still missing?) there isn’t much else left to do this summer, right?

Weeeell… you could always find a shady spot to rest and read a new Nancy Drew Diaries book (I’m currently reading the third one), or work hard to treat yourself to the new merchandise items in our store to add to your collection, or you could travel places and take pictures of yourself with flat Sonny to enter into our contest, or you could simply read this blog each day. Because right about now is a grand time to start teasing you about our next game!

At this very moment as I type this blog, there is a small meeting going on about some audio files for SPY. I snuck into the game build to listen to a few, and it sounds intense! It’s kind of tough navigating through the half-built environments because we don’t have a playable build, yet. Sometime this week, though, we will, and we will be able to give it a try.

Many puzzles are already built and are currently being tested these next few days, so we are able to play a few, as we start to make sure they are difficult enough yet easy enough to understand. We began our first concept illustration for the cover art, too. No hints to share yet!

I can’t share any pictures with you at the moment, but I can sure doodle!

Looks like many of you were able to solve the weekend puzzle. Hooray! Here is the solution:

  1. If Secret of the Old Clock is game #11, then choose 1. If not, choose 19. [Not = 19]
  2. If the white water bottle in the merchandise store shows the River Heights Police Badge, choose 3. If not, choose 13. [Yes = 3]
  3. If the third Nancy Drew Diaries book is called Mystery of the Midnight Flyer, choose 25. If not, choose 15. [Not = 15]
  4. If Loulou is listed as a character on the Curse of Blackmoor Manor character profiles page, choose 19. If not, choose 20. [Not = 20]
  5. If Tomb of the Lost Queen has its own music soundtrack available for download, choose 12. If not, choose 20. [Yes = 12]
  6. On the main page for Ghost of Thornton Hall is a list of Key Features. If one of those keys features says “hunt for ghosts” choose 5. If not, choose 1.  [Not = 1]
  7. If Ellie York from The Deadly Device works the day shift, choose 18. If Ellie works the night shift, choose 14. [Night = 14]
  8. If Tomb of the Lost Queen has a snake on the cover art, choose 4. If not, choose 25. [Yes = 4]

Take the numbers and convert them to letters (A = 1, B = 2 and so on). Your final answer would be [Scotland]. Which is the location The Silent Spy is taking place in. (We’ve been aware of this desired location for years now, since many fans post there location “wish lists” on the Message Board). Did anyone try solving the puzzle by answering with all the wrong answers?

Also, we have a birthday shout out for a fan’s cousin! Happy 15th birthday, dear cousin!

~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “The Middle of Summer Spying”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The wrong answers spell out MYSTERY! Clever Little Jackalope, very clever…. 🙂 I also had a question, in Warnings at Waverly Academy, one of the founders looks a lot like Cathy, one of the workers at HER that you did a vlog on, was that her? Thanks!

    -Cocoa 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Using the wrong answers, it says “A Mystery.” Does this mean anything?


  3. Hi!
    I’ve been sick since last Friday and one of the main things I’ve been doing is replaying some of my games.One of the games i was replaying was ASH and I came across something interesting in a notebook.It was about a case called-
    The clue of the floating eye-
    is this a reference to a glowing eye game (involving the kidnapping of Ned)?Because,if so,YAY!!!!!!!!
    I also noticed a newspaper article in the antique shop.Were the kids in the articles HeR employees (because one of them looked just like you!)?
    The location does sound cool!
    My sister has been wanting one there.(:

  4. Yay Scotland! That’s where my ancestors are from. Feel so happy that you guys have chosen that place for the next mystery. I love you guys so much!

  5. William D says:

    You big tease you! I’ll probably flop at all the puzzles even if if it’s on baby mode XD anyway, I was right about your puzzle. (Miracle.) anyway, start adding doodles! Doodle away!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi can you leave a birthday shout out to lulu. Her favorite game is shadow at the water’s edge and sheis turning 16 Tomorrow. Thanks!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I got AMXTERX by answering all the wrong ones.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, LJ!! It looks great 🙂 She was soooooo happy with it too 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have a question, LJ. Was Jessalyn born before or after Charlotte died? I checked the family tree and it stated that Jessalyn was bron in 1989, the same year Charlotte died. All I’m asking is whether Clara was pregnant or not at the time Charlotte died. Thank you!

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