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Recording Misc Audio

Today our Tech Support and I locked ourselves away in the conference room for a short time to work on a fun project for the future. It required asking to borrow our writer’s tablet and microphone. We recorded several takes, once with the instrument, and a few with vocals, then I took it over to […]

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Telling a Story: GTH

Today I finished playing through a rough build of Ghost of Thornton Hall. But I can’t share anything valuable about it at the moment. (NOOOO!!!) Throughout the game play, I often thought about how the story was being told, and how all the activities and puzzles were connected. Telling the story we wish to properly […]

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Gummy Bear Theatre

Number 3 clue in the post 13 Hints for 2013 has been revealed! Gummy referred to Gummy Bear Theatre, which can be found in the BONUS EDITION of The Deadly Device, in the end game outtakes. (Those who pre-ordered the game during pre-order period received this edition). We posted the video below to our YouTube […]

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Weekend Puzzle #184

Hooray, it’s Friday! And it may be the weekend (or perhaps Monday) when we release the #3 “Gummy” clue item from the 13 hints post last month, so stay tuned! Until then, solve this puzzle for a little fun. 😉 (Click on the image for a larger view) Also, ~Little Jackalope~

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A Classic Moment from TRT

Today we shared a classic Nancy Drew moment from Treasure in the Royal Tower. See for yourself! This was something that drove me to insane curiosity when I first played it: What was in those rooms?!?! Nothing important. They must have been other maintenance rooms and empty guest rooms, and somewhere downstairs must have been […]

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Tales of Whales

Today was are monthly burger outing, but I forgot to take a snapshot of the burger truck we visited…or that one tasty thing I ate of which I don’t remember what it was. So I found something else fun to talk about: WHALES! ‘Cause they rule. (~.^) To take a detour away from teasing you […]

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National Weatherman’s Day

Woot! I bet you didn’t know that today is National Weatherman’s Day. In honor of that, we have a sale going on, today only, check it out: Also, I was out sick again yesterday, but I did not forget about the weekend puzzle. Here’s the solution: It was a Playfair cipher. Using the letters, you […]

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Weekend Puzzle #183

Hooray for Fridays! What makes it awesome: It’s a beautiful day at the office, we’ll be playing games during lunch break, and will have other fun things going on later…I also got to see some new animations for Ghost of Thornton Hall. Oh. My. Wow. They are super cool animations!! (I think). XD Anyways, here’s […]

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Spiders on the Desk

I was minding my own business, I promise, when something moved in the corner of my eye. I jumped a little when I finally noticed the little spider crawling passed my left hand up to the phone cord, and paused long enough for me to rescue my nearby phone and snap a photo. I don’t […]

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