Weekend Puzzle #184

Hooray, it’s Friday! And it may be the weekend (or perhaps Monday) when we release the #3 “Gummy” clue item from the 13 hints post last month, so stay tuned! Until then, solve this puzzle for a little fun. 😉

(Click on the image for a larger view)


~Little Jackalope~

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11 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #184”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought I figured it out but the URL led me nowhere. Hmm,you are sly Little J.

    From me,

  2. shadowRoxz!aka-emily says:

    wow this is easy! 🙂 yay!


  3. HopeFollows says:

    I love the solution. I figured it had to tie in with the numbers 13, but it refers to game 10. 😀 Very pretty, especially what he wrote to her. xD Exploded in the oven. Bahahaha!!

  4. Hannah says:

    Hey Little Jackalope,

    What was your motive in the current poll? Is there some sort of Valentine’s Day sale coming up and you wanted to see which game would be best for your fans?

    Or you were making the image for this weeks’ puzzle and wanted to know which would appeal most for a message from Ned… in seeing so many vote for SHA you decided to do an image of the cake from Shorty’s kitchen.

    Just trying to solve your little mystery. XD

  5. eneri says:

    i think there’s an extra P …

  6. Anonymous says:

    what’s the “catch the _____” ? i don’t get it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh! now i get it.

  8. Awww…
    That’s so cute!

  9. get a clue?
    nancy is a detective
    write with a pen
    secret of the old clock
    koko kringles
    catch the culprit
    The secret of shadow ranch
    phantom of venice
    creature of kapu cave?

  10. Anonymous says:

    hahaha! that’s adorable! remind me not to trust ned in a kichen.

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