Super Early Testing for GTH

Today hits the mark as the first day that we begin some serious testing for Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall! We brought in our full-time testers today because we now have a “playable” game build. There is a 75% chance that the game will crash on you if you try doing something (like play a puzzle) before you are supposed to. There are still a gazillion bugs and lots of incomplete art in the game, but at least it’s stubbed and there are placeholders to pretend with, for the time being.

~Sneaking on to the testing game build~ 

An example would be a male character in GTH…when he’s done talking and moving, a female character appears in his place. Then, when you ask “him” a question, you see him animate again. Little things like this are all over Thornton Hall. Character appear, then reappear.

This week, we are bringing in our regular Focus Group testers to try out a few of our puzzles… I wonder what Designer Cathy has in store for them this time….ok. Now I HAVE to go snooping through the game build! My lips are sealed.

Speaking of sealed lips, I suppose I dropped a big hint to the location of GTH in the weekend puzzle. The half-hidden letters in the weekend puzzle spell out [The Deep South]. Yep. It’s true. Also…one of the 13 hints from 2013 will be answered soon, likely Thursday. (It’s #5).
~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Super Early Testing for GTH”

  1. Must be exciting to see it start to come to life! 😀 Good luck to you guys!
    Thursday… So. Far. Away! ;D lol

  2. Hannah says:

    (Oooh runs to read old post) “5. Director” I can’t wait to find out what that means!

    Wow I didn’t realize you were at the testing point already in GTH. How exciting! Oh but Little Jackalope, can I ask a favor of you? In behalf of all the fans, could you PLEASE take some footage of what the game is like at this point? Make it a GTH gag real or something, showing us what it’s like for those testers to see a male suddenly become a female… etc! After GTH’ release date has long passed it would be awesome if you could share some behind the scene footage! Like when Phoenix showed us the voice actors for DED.

    Nice drawing by the way! I love all your little doodles.

  3. Katie says:

    I am getting SO excited for GTH to come out!! I am going to totally pre-order my copy as soon as I can! Are you aloud to share which month pre-orders start? ………………………………….okay, yeah I know you can’t share that info with us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I still have to plat DED but GTH sound cool already! I can’t wait to see the characters. they;re always so real looking and I love the personalities Herintersctive gives them. Have fun snooping!

    From me,

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think it would be fun to be a game tester! Maybe when I’m older…..

  6. carizzo09 says:

    Wish I could have the year’s worth of experience to be a game tester! Any hints on how to go about getting it? Haha.

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