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Weekend Puzzle #154

Due to technical difficulties, the Thursday post did not go live. And now we time travel from Wednesday to Friday, whereupon we have a few announcements: We have not one, but 2 sales going on this weekend! In honor of Father’s Day, we have Secret of the Old Clock available for  25% the digital download, […]

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Interview with Character Animator, Scott

Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive? Scott: I started here right as “Shadow at the Water’s Edge” was wrapping up. My first full game was “The Captive Curse,” so…  2 years in August. Her Interactive: What is your favorite part about animating? Scott: I think I gravitated to animation because it’s […]

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Game Testing Results

Howdy all! I was out of the office yesterday and that explains the lack of a post. 🙁 No update to the egg mystery, but we do have some other updates: our new intern, Phoenix, uploaded a new video to her Video Blog series, which can be found on our YouTube channel. Check it out, […]

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Peaceful Monday…?

We are right in the middle of the excitement, meaning it was exciting on Friday, and it will be super exciting in the near future, making today a nice, peaceful start to the week here at Her Interactive. The sun came out, and I heard that Phoenix is already working on more video blog entries […]

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Weekend Puzzle #153 + Exciting Friday!

Boy oh boy, we had a full day today! Busybusybusybusy…but in a very good way. There is a lot to say, so hang tight and don’t hold your breathe; it will be a long read. (~.^) First off, as you may have learned already, we have a new summer intern! Introducing Phoenix! She has a […]

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Cover Design Meeting + Revealed Secret

Today was a rather exciting day! We had our first kick-off meeting with the team for our next game’s cover art design. I got to bring our intern in with me to see our Designer and Writer show off the game art (or what little we have, since it is still in the making and […]

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Secret Stash

I like to hide things….and when I forget where the treasures are hidden, it makes it all the more fun to re-discover them for the second time. Our intern has not yet tried a Koko Kringle bar, and I just happen to have a few left. She was excited to get one of these famous […]

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Intern Day #2

Can’t talk long! Need to concoct a plan to catch an Egg culprit. Very focused here, no progress on the mystery today. 🙁 I did have a good break from this difficult mystery, though. (In the books Nancy often stops to enjoy life while in the middle of her thoughts). Today we took our new […]

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Haunted Eggs!

It’s a new week and we have a new intern here in the Her Interactive office! Maybe we will get to hear from her later after she learns all of the company secrets. 😉 There has been a development in the egg mystery. Unfortunately I have made no progress except to eliminate a few suspects […]

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Weekend Puzzle #152

We have some exciting things going on next week that we are preparing for right now! The weekend puzzle answer contains one little secret of the excitement. 😉 Today I brought in an attempted creation of a Koko Kringle-themed cupcake. A chocolate cupcake with red frosting and chocolate crispy candy inside and on top of […]

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